2nd yr growing my own outdoors in the Mojave desert 49 plants in all

All Jealousy strain from clones


Looks like they are growing beautifully! They are loving that desert life lol


Well grown! :seedling::+1:t2::grinning:


Thank you

@Mohavedrtfrmr Nice to meet you. As an ol outdoor grower myself I’m curious as to why especially in the desert you choose to grow above ground in raised beds?

Wouldn’t the root zone temps be much better in the ground? Are you hand watering these each day?

From one brother to another I wouldn’t post my plant count so close to 50 on a forum that can be viewed by Federal Chameleons. Know what I mean? I’m quite sure there’s a few on all these forums.

I’m gonna tag along and wish ya luck.


Rabbits and other ground pests is why they are above ground. Only thing i could think of to plant in and keep em safe. I get you on the quantity. And yes they get hand watered everyday since it hit triple digits…thank you for the information.

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I gotcha, are they growing through the raised bed into the ground? It surprised me years ago to learn that mothballs in a circle around the plants stop almost all animals and alot of bugs. Spraying a mixture of cayanne pepper and water on the leaves stops the munchers.

Good luck

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Yes they are growing into the ground

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My climate is a tad hotter than yours and literally cooks my bell peppers on the vine. What netting are you using?


The netting was given to me by a friend im not sure 30% i think

There is a lot of water in a plant. Maybe tent the beds to collect evaporation would save water.
Ive been there in February it was hot. Do you run deps?