2nd white widow auto grow


Updates: The soil nat issue is finally on its way out i think.

I hit them with it all. Layed sticky fly strips between the containers. Sprayed the pumice stone with the natural stuff 3x didnt work and the other stuff. 1X yesterday morning and 1x at night. Wetting the surface but not soaking it. Prior to this did the potatoe slice thing in each container.
This morning turned all fans off and was very happy to only see a few in the whole room.
This all came from me taking a gifted clone i felt obligated to keep even though i didnt really want her, but along with her came soil nats. Then last run i used 5 gal air pots and with the holes in the sides i had problems wiping them out. This grow is all grow bags. 1.5inches pumice stone on top an additional fan between containers. And make sure they are good and dried before i re-water.


Wwa: loving the lst

Aha: also responding great to the lst started very early.

Aha: FIM’d also doing well, nice a bushy.

Wwa: didnt bend down the top cola, only pulled down all the other branches, and she got wide and is shooting branches everywere. Shes the biggest of the bunch. Also only one not in a grow bag, just 3gal hard container with holes drilled in it.
The 3 that i stunted. You can see just how small they are compared to the rest. One of the 3 i bent over just for shits and giggles to see what if anything it would do. Hoping the added stress would maybe help it stretch some, Nope, same stunted size as others just growing horizontally. I think im going to be moving them and giving their prime spots under the lights to younger seedlings that will get bigger and produce more, just set them along the edges of the room its also were the first round of clones for outdoor in the spring live.


Pink lemonade blue berry clone finially starting to grow after 3wks.

Dropped 3x “drunk skunk” (my own 3rd gen. Skunk#1 grape pheno x crossed back to its self. ) 2 came up out of 3

Gold leaf fem.x1 to grow as a mother plant to cut clones for outdoor in spring

2x Aha


So got my co2 system finally and i got my new Dimigogo 1k full spec/uv light hung, had to move the HPS over a few inches. Didnt get co2 running yet bc i accidentally bought 2 timers and they are 2prong with out a ground.
I have a question: @Countryboyjvd1971 @Usmcjojo @70sChick @garrigan65 @bob31 @BIGE
So i have my lights a little higher bc i was trying to get them to stretch a bit, i also kept the HPS bupb in during veg, since this is also know to make them stretch. But now they have been startung to flower for about a week. Just gave first full strength early flower dose of nutes. I use a cool tube with 6"fan so i can be pretty close with out burning them. When is it time to get down close to them so they get the most light building buds as possible? If they are flowering they shouldnt gain much more height,all the wwa are, but my amensia haze is 2-3 wks behind them so trying to find a happy med. With out hurting my buds.
They have the 400hps
1K led act. Pull230watts
300led act. Pull96watts over them fyi


Have the buds started to set if so you can gradually move them down now inch by inch. Move an inch give the plant a couple days to adjust then keep going until the plant tells you to stop. What are you at now? @Familyman420


Are you talking about the plants in last picture ?
Or can you post a current picture @Familyman420
@Usmcjojo has given some good advice that’s basically how it do mine
I start high and watch the plants if they start to streach to much ill lower my lower light a little every other day until im in the happy zone as far as when in flower generally i stay between 18-24 inches if possible
And As far as no streach in flower in your transition weeks they can grow quite a bit and will continue a little after just much slower
Be careful not to get to close using a cooled hood and leds you’ll light bleech you plants


Sorry im back out of state till thurs. Cant give updated pictures. But normally i can be about 12" from the top of the plants with my 400hps. My 300 led needed a few more inches or the tips would curl ever so slightly. I have 10wwa in early flower, starting to get little flowers and lots of hair. Then 2-3wks behind them are 7 aha then about a week after that are the 2xaha 2xdrunkskunk 12× superskunk clones and 10x goldleaf clones. Hopefully theyll be ok theyve been in water for about 24hrs so far but today after work they are going into an ezcloner36site that i picked up today and under a100watt clf till i can bring them home thursday.
My question was more wondering when having them that far away wont help them get any extra stretching, and if thats the case then i wanted to start moving them closer again, back to the 12" mark sobthebflowers get as much light as possible when they fatten up. Right now the hps is around 24" and the LED is new so i put it about 30" and the smaller LED is just a hair lower then the hps but at an angle more as side light.
Thanks you everyone. Ill start lowering them then every couple days.


Got 10xgold leaf clones and 18xsuperskunk clones that are off a clone taken off last years best more sativia-ish. Plant out of ten, and cut during mid flower.
10 of the ss i cut and 5 i dipped in rooting hormone and 5 dipped in great white then put in a rapid rooter upside down so it sits up flat. Water for first week bottled spring water and sprayed here n there in little humidity domes on heating pad and thats a 100watt clf. The other 16 clones are in a Ezclone machine with clonex![20180113_153310|281x500] all the clones are being watered with the clonex solution mix now(upload://xLIbbF7stXpxVRXwC3NwRDg9NLu.jpg)
The ss in domes were done 1-1, the rest were 1-8 and sat in a cup of water over night until i got the ezcloner.


The mother plant, after 18 clones cut from her. I plan on keeping one of the Goldleafs as a mother plant also.
Just placed an order for new seeds: chocodope from victory and whitewidowXXLxbigbud auto, and got a peyote critical and a black mangrine cream seed for free. Crazy how close spring really is in terms if the work load starting, ha ha and its snowing and sleeting here today. topped the “drunk skunk” seedlings hoping to get some extra branches to clip so i can force flower them to see if female. 2 of the 3 seeds came up. Hopefully one is female, one is much taller then the other and both came up same day, keeping fingers crossed the shorter one is a girl. aha responded well to being topped


Has anyone tried any of these strains? Might keep like 2 of each auto for inside next fall, but for most part they are part of summer program. The 3 free photo. Sensitive fem. seeds are going to be mother plants to cut clones from again for out door, but i plan on keeping a mother plant of each. I’ve been tossing the idea of going back to SOG again. I harvested as often as autos, but i dont have to keep buying seeds and more choices… Again just an idea.
@Ragnar @Countryboyjvd1971 @Usmcjojo


The white widow x big bud auto, I had one called Early MIss Auto I grew my last grow, and it was the same cross (ww x bb). It was a very similar grow and high as the white widow, slightly more energetic high though, from my experience (I grew white widow autos in the same grow)…

The rest I have no clue on…


Thanks. How did it grow? Size? Yeild? Dense buds?


I got 105 gr from 2 of them. 1 was fim’d, and 1 grew normal. The normal grow got to about 3’ tall. Both put out almost equal numbers. Bud were dense. Very hard to kill…


Thank you! Took a chance on some new things. And ten yrs prior when i last grew i had white widow and bc big bud in a SOG and loved them both, so ive only had a couple harvest since ive been bk at it and ive been doing the auto thing, so ive done the wwa already and when i saw the ww×bb auto had to give her a go. Thanks again.


Looks very interesting, I cloned few plants last year just for hell out of it, it went fine, but I just love to grow from seeds…
Its the experience to watch it from day one whats fascinates me…
I love growing marijuana :wink::wink::wink:


This is a seed, from a jar of “death star” from Oregon bud co. Funny story last summer my only neighbor i didnt get along with went on vac. For 2 wks and her oldhead mom from Oregon came to house sit her kids dog n house. She asked if i could " get her or sell her bud?" i said no sorry, but little later when she was outside drinking coffee i took her a little free sample of my personal. Well she left never heard from her again. And other day a package for xmas shows up in it was this jar. Lol all pot heads/ old heads got the love! Thanks
Hopefully itll grow. Tried wet papertowel in ziplock bag. Its pretty white looks young, but worth a try
Fyi the smoke was great too!


@Countryboyjvd1971 @Ragnar @bob31 or anyone else. Does that seed look like it could possibly germ?
Strain: Death star, breeder unknow. from Oregon bud co.dispensary
Im going to try either way, its in a wet paper towel / ziplockbaggy now. Just wondering if it looks like its even a chance.??


Looks little weird, but why not, give it a shot…
Good luck !


Put it in the ground and if it germinates it’ll probably be some of the best weed you are going to have


@Onlythebest79. I got it in a wet paper towel in a baggie as we speak. I sure hope ur right! The smoke was really good but we only had n 8th. Id love to have more of it.