2nd white widow auto grow


Im looking for a few diff. Autos to start a little breeding program. A good sativa and a good indica melt ur brain strain. Also looking for a super auto or XXL, a bigger larger yeilding auto good for outdoors or scrogs.


There are 100’s of different auto strains now…
Got to be careful not to get too fancy…
I cant recommend much as I am in looking and trying stage too…
I be growing 100’s of autos outdoor next year …want to do first big harvest in june :wink:


Kinda what our plan is. Over winter im running them. Few times see what works best. Looks like wwa that got lst or fim/top and lst are giving me almost 100grams more (wet still) the one i didnt touch gave me 124 grams wet, thats with all big stems cut out, the next smallest plant gave me like 177 and the next smallest was 252grms wet. And thats allni cut so far but last three are tje biggeat and they arent done yet.


Very good , thats worthwhile :wink:


this one is going to be the star of the show this time im thinking. Its much bigger all around then the others.
These 3 are looking rough this morning. They are the smallest, and were very dry as yesterday they were due for watering and i didnt get to do it till today so they were extra dry.


So little up date. They two that looked rough are looking better. Those two are the smallest 2 and dont handle being dryed out very well. I lift the bags and i use a moisture probe. Moved a 60watt clf between them yesterday. When i watered them i gave them a healthy dose of sl100. Some great white. And photo+
Im thinking they dont have as healthy or as deveolped roots as the others and thats why they show being dry so fast.


I originally dropped 5 amnesia haze autos, 3 came up fine, one is a runt, took over a week to pop and just not growing much, 1just didnt come up. So i dropped 3 x a.h.a. ,1× goldleaf fem(just going to veg out and use as a mother to cut clones for spring time o.d.), 3xdrunken skunk reg(a skunk#1 phyno that got dark purples and smelled just like concord grapes. If i get a female from those plan on doing same thing and start rooting and vegging out clones.
About 36hrs in spring water and all seeds sank, ill be putting in rapid rooters tonight when i get some free time


The 36hrs soaking is a typo just realized. More like 25-26hrs soaking


So im embarrassed to admit this but its a learnin curve. When i planted my wwa i used white Styrofoam cups with bottoms cut out to place rapid rooter in center and with a small amount of no nute seedling medium i use. Well some how i filld pots up added the pumice stone 1.5" deep on top and never removed the cups of 4 of my 9. They are the smallest and the 4 that got looking bad out when out of water for even a short time. Uhgggg… Feel like such a fn idiot! Working 7days a week 12hr days crazy exwife and a new baby just trying to do too much in a day and got sloppy and over looked it. Hope this doesnt screw me up too bad on final harvest. Sorry for any typos since im traveling for work im using a phone for my internet and its hard for me to see.


Aw man don’t beat cha self up too bad. They should bounce back stronger!
Got a lot on your plate man, :clap:


What @Nug-bug said. You realized your mistake and corrected. You’ll be ok. Take a deep breath my friend.


Thanks guys (and gals :slight_smile: ) i guess catching it is better late then never, but… They are autos and i cant get those 2 weeks bk that the roots could have been spreading out instead of only being able to grow down. And they are alot smaller then all their sisters, with little to no branching. :frowning:
One thing i did to maybe help get a little “stretching” was leave the hps bulb instead of the mh during veg. And yesterday i watered them good with a batch microbia tea and basically all stuff just to feed the soil. Hopefully it will keep a hood environment for explosive root growth. On a plus note the 3 ammesia haze autos that did come up, have really taken off finally.


The 2 in the right corner that have multiple leaves are ones that got stunted bc i forgot to pull the Styrofoam cups with bottoms cut out. I use to start seeds in. Other then that All the young ladies are doing well. Gave them some home made compost tea and they loved it!

this is the star of the show shes double the size of the next biggest, all wwa’s in same soil and dropped at same time. She just took off from the start.

Tried to zoom in so u can see how LST was coming along.


Starting LST on the Amnesia haze.


Good morning ILGM friends. So woke up to 6" of snow,easy and still coming down hard that was 430am, 3 1/2 hrs later still snowing hard. Weather called for a dusting to a half inch tops…
Perfect day to twist a fatty with cup of coffee(splash of homemade heavy irish cream wiskey) and me nee book wifey got me for christmas!


@Familyman420 did you end up going with the roots organic?


I did. I amended it with humic acid, blood meal, bone meal, insect frass, pumice stone(more air and drainage), and amozite. And about 3/4 of that mixed with 1/4 of compost from my pile. I then layer the tops of pots with some lighter medium with lots of peatmoss and older completely finished compost so its not too hot for the roots. And then i fill it in around a cup, and water it down good with some microbia tea and compost tea watered down with 6.0 ph water. Got 4 girls growing great so far. I also put an 1.5 inches of pumice at bottom of the grow bags to add drainage since the sit right on floor and 1.5 inches in top to cut down on soil nats.


Have you/do you plan to flush a few times during the grow? I have struggled to keep the ppms from rising to unreasonable ranges. Just curious if you’ve had any issues @Familyman420


I didnt have to flush until i gave the last batch too much molasses mid to late flower. Flushed them good maybe half gal. To a gal . Other then that my run off ph has always been between 5.9-6.1 amd my ppms were always good on the low side. Dont know the exact #'s with out looking bk at my journals. I did it slow to each one so it got a good even soak n flush .When i flushed the last water i gave them had greatwhite , sl100 and a half dose of photo plus to give the microbes a jump start again


Had some finished compost in the wheelbarrel, and filled it with rain water and let it cook in the sun for a week. Then strained it and bottled about 8 gals of it.
Used 2 gals of that comp. Tea watered down to 150ppm, and added instant microbia tea mix, 1TBL of molasses, humic acid and photo plus . Set a air stone/bubbler in it for 48hrs and gave the girls a good soil soak.
Fast forward 48hrs…WOW!! All the plants looked great, new growth, They all just look very happy.
Only about 2 gals left. Wish i had more of this. Next summer im going to try to make alot more of the base.
Anyone else use home made compost/microbial teas?