2nd white widow auto grow


Had to break down and order a bigger pump. Got a heavy duty sewage water pump,with a float valve. Need to do a little plumbing, hopefully sunday. And before we get anymore rain storms! Fingerscrossed


Thanks for tip. They work good.


good deal @Familyman420 ,yea they get the job done for sure!


These Cream Mandrine(fast version) are proving hard to clone. The first 3 i got 1 that just went outdoors…the second batch of 4 i got 2 alive with roots, and 1 alive but no roots 3wks later.
Shorter flowering time made these ideal for corn feilds, really hoping a few of these make it till fall.



756grms wet from the Super skunk scrog.Grow room is down for a few months. And ill be ending this journal once i get some dry weight.


Had 2 wks of just tap water and mammoth P , and 1wk of just plain watering and about 5days of drying out before she got the chop. Another impressive strain from ilgm. Has a very fruity/skunk smell, dense, beautiful flowers. Glad i kept a mother plant of one of her clones.
The only plants/strains keeping is 1x cream mamdrine (fv) thinking she might do great in 1gal smartpots SOG. 1x Afghan Kush, 1xsuperskunk and 1xGoldleaf. All will be in 3gal. Sp. In my supersoil. Now time to focus on outdoor things for the rest of the summer.!


Final dry weight after a week of curing is about 350grams, not to bad. Not as much as i hoped though either. Have a good rest of ur summer anyone can feel free to hit me up for questions but im down till fall