2nd white widow auto grow


Thanks. I be lying if i said it never happened to me, not with cannabis seeds but is use heating mats for all my veg and. Flower clones and seedlings too and it does take a bit to get dialed in so doesnt dry up too fast and u dont over compensate and make a warm muddy mess. But the heating pad really does encourage rapid root growth and seems to give the seeds a little extra boost.


Listen i dont mind one bit offering advice or helping another grower. My issue is if u have a question post it on ur own thread not my grow journal. And why ask questions if u already think what u got going on is correct. I have buddies running multple 1k HID lights in each room and never saw a light 5ft from a plant ever. Doesnt make sense. I use this site to learn and help other growers learn and to have friendly conversations with like minded people i dont want any drama here not trying to be rude or pick a fight just asking nicely to make ur own post to ask ur questions thanks. Good luck to ur and ur grow. @Shuggz


Good news!!! My amazing wifey found the wwa seed that got dropped yesterday. !!! And as of this morning the other 9 beans are still floating on top of water hopefully by time im home from work this evening they will have sank and are ready to go into the rapid rooters and then into the containers/for ever homes.


mate that why i asked i was not sure if that was ok and i dont wanna give heat burn so i letf at 5ft cause of the heat etc


Update 9 out of 9 had tap roots showing after about 28hrs.Took out of the water right into rapid rooters soaked in spring water,amazite and great white, and right into there 3gal. Grow bags. ILGM THANK YOU. Between me and the other guy in our 420crew we have over 30 seeds with 100% germination rate.!!! Thats AMAZING! Thanks for great genetics. Do wish u had more auto flower choices especially some XXL/super autos,BUT what u do have is very stable! And are just flat put great genetics.


Made room for the 9 new wwa today bc i couldnt give them enough fluorescent light to stop them from stretching, mounded up alittle soil around the stems to help support them


One topped one FIM’d going to let the rest grow with out any chopping planning LST on most of them .


First feeding 1/2 strength early veg. NOTG sample kit reg. with photo+, sl100, and top dressed with 1 TBL of a Humic acid,insect frass, bone meal, blood meal, amd amozite dust, and rabbit poop(dried and ground into powder) going to give every other week.


Top dressing for early veg autos
1 cup bone meal
1cup bloodmeal
2cups insect frass
2 cups dried powdered rabbit poop
1.5 cups humic acid
1cup amozite dust
The same super soil didnt last wwa last run the whole time. Started getting purple stems 2 wks prior to harvest. Going to top dress every other wk with 1TBL
@Countryboyjvd1971 @AnneBonny @bob31 @Laurap @70sChick @Rugar89 next run is 9x wwa
And as soon as they arrive im dropping 9xamnesia haze autos a new dimgogo 1k watt full spec. W/uv on way also. Taking the 2x150clf side lightung put and just 400mh/hps ×300ful spec. Led × new 1Led
3gal. Aroura grow bags. Supersoil DYI


Picked 3 to LST, 1 FIM’d, 1Topped, 1 just LST, 12/8 first round


Amnesia Haze auto arrives today, from black friday sale. 5 dropped in a cup of bottled spring water. Since my own s.s. isnt ready, mainly bc im working in a huge pile for my outdoor girls come spring(but thats a whole other post) so i ran out and grabbed a bag of pumic stone, a bag of “Roots, original organic soil, and 5x 3gal aurora grow bags. Just got 6” of snow today and tomorrow is last day of vacation before manditory 12hr shifts starts, so perfect day to layer containers and drop those beans into r.r. and into the bags. Plan on adding humic acid, amazite dust, bone and blood meal and insect frass and bio-live to the soil.


Anyone try this soil? I prefer to make my own, but hear good things about “Roots soil”
@bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Laurap. @70sChick @Ragnar



I have been using this not-soil with my white widow auto. I’m a first time grower and have made my share of errors, particularly too much nutes, too much heat, too much light, and generally not knowing what I am doing, but the plants are hanging in there. The soil drains real well and I don’t believe its caused me any issues. @bob31 has been coaching me through it.


@Sixpackdad if @bob31 has been coaching you, well im sure your doing better. All those little things happen to everyone when they first start.
Not sure if u do this or not? But keeping a detaileds journal daily of temps, ph, ppm, feedings/waterings is a life saver and then you can refer bk to them later in differnt grows. I do this for all my differnt gardens.
Good luck. Thanks for input on the growing medium. The owner of in my opinion PA’s best “mom n pop” grow store recommended it, to me it looks decent. I dont know much about bought soils bc i make my own 99.9% of the time, planning on adding a few things i feel are missing. And i layer the bag with 1-2" of pumice stone. Then 3/4 full of this medium/soil. Then a layer of “cooler” soil i use for seedings, and then a layer about 1.5-2" deep pumice stone. Then the rapid rooter gets buried in center and the seeds that are soaking get dropped on and covered. Then throwing em’ under a 60watt clf until i harvest 6 and make room under reg. lights.
Lol not sure how i did this, well thats a lie, i was most definitely BAKED! But i have 14 started instead of the 15 i planned on. 9xw.w.a. 5×a.h.a. started
4 of the 5 a.h.a. seed have sank and one has a tap root poking out, its only been about 12hrs!


Roots original x1 bag; cup=coffee cup
-vermiculight× 6cups(this is what was left in an old bag,no other reason for that amount)
-insect frass x2 cups
-Humic acid(granular)×1.5 cups
-Azomite dust×1 cup
-Bloodmeal x1 cup (Jobes organic)
-Bonemeal x1 cup(Jobes organic)
-urea nitrogen source ×1 cup
-epsom salt x 1TBSP
-calcium powder x 2TBSP
-granular carbon x 1cup
-compost x 2gal bucket.
-pumice stone x1 lg. Coffee can full


Sounds good, I also like to add matter to my soil…all kinds of composts and aged manures…
More organic matter makes soil alive …
Good luck and happy growing :wink:


So instead of starting another thing im going to add these in this grow journal.
5x amnesia haze auto’s.
Dropped in a cup of bottled spring water for 48hrs and all five had tails. Put in rapid rooters soaked in ph6.5 water with great white mixed in, last night. Now in humidity dome under a 40watt clf bulb waiting to make me a happy new daddy.
@Countryboyjvd1971. @Laurap @Ragnar @bob31
W.w.a just got first full feeding . NOTG Sample pack reg. With photo plus, sl100, instant microb tea. The 3 that i started LST got round 2. Sorry no new picts. Coming soon


Very exciting, I just soaked 25 auto PK last night…
I think it will be a nice winter. Hopefully


Sorry for ignorance. What is “pk” ? Autos?


Pakistani landrace crossed with ruderalis…
Nothing fancy just simple heavy duty indica punch :wink::wink::wink: