2nd week of flower and leaves showing problem

I have been veging these plants for 5 weeks and switched to 12/12 last week and we are now in week 2 of bloom. I had problems with pH in the last 2 weeks of veg and did a flush which emediatly helped and they looked great. But now i’m seeing new problems. What could be the problem?

Strain; Fruit Spirit

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco? Soil/perlite

System type? Auto-pots

PH of runoff or solution in resorvar is 6,5

What is strength of nutrient mix? N/A


Light system, size? HPS 400watt

Temps; Day 25 Celsius Night 21 celcius

Humidity; Day 65 Night 65

Ventilation system; Yes,

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, no

Co2; No

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Your humidity is a little high. In flowering, you want to stay below 50, maybe 55% absolute maximum. Later in flowering, you want even less. The lower the better. The edges curling up is generally due to heat stress, but your temps look good.

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Idk do you smoke cigarettes? Almost looks like tobacco mosaic virus at first glance

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Thanks for your comments. I will get a dehumidifyer tomorrow and get the humidity down. No, I dont smoke ciggarettes…
Beeing that I’m using auto-pots, could that be why the humidity is High?

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Woe, I’ll have to read up on that one. Sounds interesting lmao

I’ve had the same thing happened in the past to me but my issue was I was running a thousand watt lights that were on an open parabolic hood. Lots of heat to move out. Maybe it has to do with the humidity like @elheffe702 said? Good luck. I’ll be watching to see what the diagnosis is. Maybe it could be just residual effects from the last couple of weeks of pH being off before you flushed them? Maybe the girls will grow their way out of the situation? Hopefully New Growth resume as normal .

I have not encountered it myself and I’m very sloppy but they say if you smoke to nor smoke around them. Plus it transfers easily so they say to wash hands good and change clothes. Like I said I check plants with cig in hand and my grow box is in our smoke room as we don’t smoke in the house but have a room built in my garage

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Sence you don’t smoke and I took a close look it’s possible that the leaves are just swelled up full of water


I’m not familiar with auto pots, but yes, they could certainly be overwatered.

Overwater could be the problem. I let them dry up for 2 days before putting them back in auto-pots. Maybe I should have waited a bit longer. Did anyone see the small holes in the leaves? What could this be?

That mosaic virus is no joke. I have family that have worked in tobacco and they say that stuff can wipe out entire crops quickly.

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Small holes look like bugs been eating them
Check under your leaves for critters

Possible mites?

Not sure I have not had mites
But check under you leaves and look closely

I just got done fighting my first batch of mites. Check under the leaves using a camera phone so you can see them if they are there. They are close to impossible to see with the naked eye. If they are there they will either be A) under the leaves or B) in the soil close to the stem. The stem make look white.


@FNG101v2 How did you fight your mite problem? I had a small case in early veg and used lady bugs. So far, so good; but I’d love to know how you fought the bastards back.

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Here’s my journal if you want to flip through the past 3 days lol. Easier then explaining again.

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I do believe I will lol. Thanks for the link brother!

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I updated it to the right think, if you have any questions feel free to ask :sunglasses: Happy growing!

Light looks to be to close u want it about 20” away from tops