2nd try: Bubblegum Kush

After failing miserably on my first few seeds I took a week break and popped a couple bubblegum kush seeds.

For setup we have
Tent: Ohuhu 4x4 tent
Light: Cali lightworks solar xtreme 500
Medium: mother earth coco
Nutrients: General Hydro line
Exhaust fan: ac infinity 6"
Extra fans: vivosun 6" and window fan down low
Dehumidifier if necessary

These seeds showed much more vigor than the last I tried and from the time I soaked to opening first true leaves were less than 72 hours. Here’s some pics from before up until now, about to start off week 3 of veg!

Here is the setup with the old seeds

First day after popping up (next to my sad odh seed)

Here’s at 2 weeks

This morning after the transplant to 1 gal.


Welcome plants look good Off to the Races.

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Welcome to the forum. You will get all the help you need here. Great people. Don’t look at the first try as a failure. You just learned how not to do it in the future. :+1: Plants look great so far.


Thats the plan and im having a blast so far!

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Gave them a feeding today. Been slowly upping the nuits and giving one nice watering til runoff per day.

Went in 705 ppm at 6.0 and runoff coming back at 643ppm and 6.0 so looking good here. Ill be honest I only check runoff every few days but glad to see some good numbers.

Theyre starting to take off a little faster but still learning where their sweet spot is, and need to do a little more research for exactly where I need my ph for different nuit uptake.

Here they are an hour after watering

Used the taller plant as a test after the last picture and stripped first node of leaves that were shaded as a stress test. Plant started perking up and throwing all new growth to top. Went ahead and did the same to the other one and topped both above 3rd node.

Hoping shes not too unhappy with me for more than a few days. Just gonna keep feeding them and calling them pretty.

Ps sorry my light blows out the camera in spots



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Looking good buddy! We are at the same exact stage and I just topped and fimmed all of mine too. They can take it. Good luck!

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Good to hear others doing it about the same, i thought I might have been impatient haha

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Oh you were. So was I. Lol. It happens. I like to push the limits and live on the edge just a bit. I am also going to force flower super early so I didn’t have any time to waste.

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Were definitely alike there. Get the stress out of the way early!

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Theyre looking great on the next day. Started feeding twice a day as they are drying out quick now. Had high ppm on the runoff yesterday, not sure if there was a pocket somewhere in the coco but until they look upset im not gonna worry too much.

Stems getting thick

New growth is starting to fill in. Trying to do my best not to slow them down and get another topping in a couple weeks with some LST.

Had a mishap on the taller plant the other day and broke off the main while trying to start training. Gave it a chop one node down to keep growth clean and now plants are at same height.

Keeping them fed and letting them recover for a few more days and topping again.

Been a little over a month since they poked through the coco. The larger of the two got transplanted today and bottom growth cleaned off of both. Will transplant the other in a few days.

Also beginning to feel like these were a mix bag of seeds too, but gonna keep having fun!

Here’s after transplant

Perking up a little this morning

Transplanted the other plant the next day and watching them come back to life.