2nd time i will get it right

I am going to do it right this time after having beautiful buds with Cook County/ Chicago tap water and tomato nutrients, 450w and lots of attention. Pls look at my 2 posts with the pics of the kids. Ordered 48x40x60 tent, another 450w full spectrum, charcoal filter, fans, digital ph meter,temp and humidity gauge. This will start arriving on the 7th. Pls add to the list so i have it all for beautiful buds. What water and nutrients and the rest i will research . ty all in advance…


What light exactly?

Maybe an R/O system.

Growing in soil Fox Farms Ocean Forest in bottom half of 7 gallon fabric pot, Happy Frog on top. A TDS meter is an essential part too.

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Im currently using a Viparspectra 450w and ordered another that will piggy back to this one

Do you guys think this is enough to do it right?

I will be doing alot of post reading before i restart.

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Good luck, about a half hour south of you

Do you think im close to harvest? 8 weeks from seed. 3 weeks in flower.

2 months give or take

big bi$$h in the back is 18 weeks from seed, iam thinking she has another 2 weeks

Im staring my new grow asap. Waiting on Amazon. New grow will be Cherry Pie. Wondering if i harvest what i have in my bookshelf grow will be smokeable if i dry and cure properly? I dont want these in my new tent

Probably not, they still have alot of time to fatten up, at 8 weeks i was thinking of pulling this plant. I thought it wasn’t going to make it , the last month they like to put the weight on. The little ones in the picture or 6 weeks

Tin. Those are beautiful. Patience is what i need

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Yeah thats the name of the game, once u get your first harvest you will see, iam still new to this, iam trying to figure out when to put new seeds in so i dont have a gap in production

As i said before, i never did indoor before. Last grow was in 1970 in a Cook County forest preserve. We planted, checking occasionally and the harvest quality was crap so i thought the same would happen indoor. Technology sure has helped…

I hear you, iam in will county, this my 3rd set of plants ,the little ones will be my 4th , so much to learn still.

Stay in touch neighbor. Im in Park Ridge

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