2nd time growing for me

Im getting ready to start my seeds againg this year. Cant wait . Hope they will grow better 2nd time atound


Sure will. You’re coming armed with all the knowledge gained during the first. Happy growing :v:


Good luck you got this


Thanks, is 3gal fabric pots okay to plant in or should i use 5gal for white widow autoflower? I see people say use 3 or 5 gal, so maybe I’ll try both. But if one is better than the other. I want to keep things simple and not over think. Last year i put5 in the ground and 3 died. So trial and error i suppose.

It’s your personal preference. I’ve heard folks say the bigger the container, the bigger the autoflower grows. I’m not sure about that because I honestly just don’t know.

As far as I’m concerned pot size governs how frequently you water. A 3gal means during peak temps and water consumption, you’ll be watering 2x a day possibly. A 5gal is just potential for less frequent watering.


Outdoor grow may justify 5 gallon, but i think 3 gallon is plenty indoors if not planning long veg time. I agree will mostly have to do with watering frequency.


I have 3 sizes ( Im outdoors) Most autos grow fine in a small pot,depending on the strain,some strains grow larger than others and like a bigger pot…But the great thing about Autos is they’ll usually adapt

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Thank you all for the advice. I decided tnoo go with 3gal for two and the other two I’ll put outside.
However i just noticed the 2 i put in the fabric pots w the black gold soil now have those fungus gnats so im working on getting rid of them. I read hydrogen peroxide mix w water.??

I wouldn’t.

Captain Jack’s Dead Bug and mosquito bits. :v: They work without hurting your microbial life in the root zone. Peroxide kills everything even the good stuff.