2nd time grower who still dosent know it all!

Hey all! I’m on to my 2nd grow. I have a couple purple lemonade autos in fox farm ocean forest soil that are about 4 and a half weeks old now. I started noticing some spotting on a couple leafs and thought it was a touch of calmag deficiency? So yesterday I gave them a dose of calmag for the first time. I have been ph’ing my water to about a 6.5 and dont have all the fancy stuff to measure runoff Ppm’s or anything like that. I was just hoping you would be able to point me in the right direction or be able to tell me if there is some other deficiency I’m not seeing. Thanks in advance!

So you given no nutes? May be time for some, in my experience ocean forest gets depleted after 4 weeks.


Agree with @Hellraiser
I usually start around 3 weeks or so with 1/8th strength and start increasing every week a little.
I know the plant is going to deplete the soil so I try to overlap the end of the soil with the introduction of food.
Have had good success so far.


Thanks! I bought the fox farm trio. So since I’m into early flower should I only use the tiger bloom?

Just go by the chart as to where you are and start at 1/2 strength
Perhaps use week 5


A ppm meter would help you to get repeatable results. I mix about 2 gallons at a time and can see a lot of difference in the ppms even when I think im doing it all the same. Its just a nice way to be sure. And they are not really too expensive on amazon.

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I will be looking into one! Judging by that chart I only do one feeding a week and Ph’d water the rest of the week?

You might check some other threads and see what growers are doing.
I use different product.
The best indicator of feeding is watching the plants.
Start light and watch for tip burn. If the tips start to turn yellow back off.
My plants always have a touch of burn…


If it helps. I use the ffof and their neuts, ph water only every other feed. DO NOT OMIT THE FLUSHES. Start with week solution at first and watch your plant.


@Spiney_norman that looks good man!

I also really recommend picking up a $10 ppm meter to dial in your nutrient solution and, more important, measure the runoff.