2nd season for this girl


This is the one. Have kept her in bonsai type state for safety sake. Now opportunity knocks. WE UNLEASH THE BEAST…Currently in mulch/perlite mix due for change. Have trimmed half of new growth off the buds that must of had 20 shoots s piece.


I don’t quite get it, but interesting.


Can I help ya out?


Ya know this will be her 3rd growing season actually. 1st was from seed. 2nd was last years effort. This is third…Family pet??? She started off out backyard and has stayed there until now. We have a lil tent goen. A Blackberry is in there with her. Its 8days or so into buddn up.


She looks thirsty to me.


Yup. since it has been neglected for a bit, I would soak her, with just water that is the right ph, then check your run-off to see where you are starting and what they might need.


Sounds like plan @Whodat66. She has been punished hard. Wouldn’t mind setting her up in a bucket. Dwc style. Has been picked at mercilessly over her life. Nice smoke when the buds r on.