2nd out door grow

  1. There is a bushy one in front of the one on the left. I think the lanky one in back is a sativa. Remember order seeds before trying the previous years harvest. Helps you remember what seeds you got. Lol. Should I be pruning theses?


Ooops forgot the pics.

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I’d top or bend the two leftmost ones.

@Deez I know how to top. Why? What is blend?

You’re in the northern hemisphere I’m assuming otherwise your plants would be flowering now. If you’re in the northern hemisphere you have like 6-8 weeks before flowering is gonna start so if you top the plant you’ll just make it bushier and will get multiple nice fat tops instead of just one.

Bending I mean LST. Take the top grow tip and tie it down so it points towards the ground. This will make the plant send energy to its side shoot to grow upwards rather than just getting taller at the main stem.

TL;DR topping or LST increases yields.

Hell, do all three!

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