2nd light for 4x4 recommendations?

hey there, me again, lol.
So I think I can predict what a lot of people will say, but just want to get one more round of discussion on the topic under my belt.
I currently have a mars hydro tsl2000 (300W) in my 4x4 tent. I understand that this light is suitable for flowering a 2x4 space and I had intended on getting a 2nd mars hydro tsl2000 to fill the space. Then I joined this forum and have read a lot about these hlg 260 … any suggestions?
I also note that there are a lot of negative comments surrounding Amazon lights…did I make a bad purchase with the mars hydro tsl2000?
Thanks in advance

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Hey man I have nothing to do with any light company or anything I’m not a salesman I’m just a regular dude like you and I’ve been bashing my head against the wall for the last 2 months on what to buy what I found was I’ll send you a picture of it hold on

if I had the money I would get it good light good nuts and some one who cares I have a Galaxy 200 watt mm bulp light and I’m running a 1000 watt I don’t remember the name of it but it had a meanwhile driver and Samsung 3031 10 watt LED lights I got that for like 80 bucks

I would have to say the biggest mistake I got was I had a full by 4 everyday and I didn’t buy a big enough light for the area so if you have enough of that you have the money in the means to get it do it right the first time I man but if you don’t have the money than you do what you can to get by like I did d

Lighting is by far the biggest challenge we face.
@dbrn32 is the local guru for lights. Happy growing! :v: :sunglasses:

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Hlg 260 would be your best bet for an upgrade.

Do you see any benefit to getting the hlg 300?
Also, feels like a silly question, but is there any reason why two different lights might not work well together? Not looking to replace the mars hydro, just looking to add a 2nd light. I’ve seen these hlg’s mentioned all over this forum

HLG’s are mentioned because they’re affordable, and they work well. No problem mixing lights. 300 will work too, the XL version will give a little better coverage. @29sgordo29


Yeah, it’s actually the hlg 320xl that I was looking at. I’m in Canada and not finding the 260xl here without shipping from the US for a substantial fee…figure I’d rather put that money into a slightly more powerful light that is available without major shipping costs.
As always, thanks for the help.

320 should work fine in your case. No worries.

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I would probably go with one of the kits on the 3 board heatsink. 260xl or 320. The whole availability thing kinda makes you do what you gotta do.

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Hey there @dbrn32. I’m wondering if you know of a discount code that will work on the Canadian hlg site? “Dude” works on the US site, but not the .ca version.
May not matter as it looks as though they want to charge me shipping within Canada anyway, so I might just order from the US


I’m not aware of any, sorry.

I like your light. Not a bad deal.
All of these companys are catching up & useing Samsung leds & meanwell drivers. Thats the key

Viparspectra pro series p1500 is a great booster for a tent. Im very pleased with it.

Just add an “eh”.
Sorry couldn’t resist.

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I am no expert… But… After much research on LEDs I went with LEDs by Greengo the 1200w version at about $129US I have two of these bad boys in my 4x4 tent.

My plants are thriving… Pics below are 20 days apart in veg stage. The difference in size are due to some seeds planted later than others… Started outside in solo cups

Update: I contacted the Canadian site and have been provided with a discount code and will be ordering the 320W xl with 3 qb’s tomorrow. This means a whole new game plan with the 5 ladies because I can now utilize the entire 4x4 space. This of course is going to come with a new topic of LST for Dummies, but I’m excited to give it a shot.

On a side note, before I got serious about this project and it was more of pipe dream, I ordered this cheap light from wish dot ca. Thankfully not a blurple, however it may be just as useless (pics follow). My question is would this work well as a third, compliment light to add in the centre of my 4x4 between the mars hydro and hlg during flower, or is that overkill and I’d be better off using this with some clones, seedlings, vegetative stage, or just some indoor veggies and herbs?

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This is what its alleged stats are.

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I would say use it however you need it. But probably won’t need it in 4x4.

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