2nd journal, can I do it again?

The last couple of feeds I have been light too. Mix up 12 liters not enough added a couple liters to get runoff. Next time, OK mix 14L, had to add a couple more. Hard telling what I need this next time. This is for four plants in 5 gallon fab pots just going into flower

I haven’t used calmag in some time. I don’t run into calcium issues. I used epsom salt in flower because I’d run into magnesium deficiencies in flower. The qb’s make the plants magnesium hungry. Now using jacks, cal nitrate and Epsom salts are part of the mix.

Not sure I’d recognize it if i saw it but haven’t noticed any issues. Here’s some eye candy

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Here’s an example. My gold leaf already asking for more magnesium. The grand daddy purp is fine with the amount she’s getting.

Thanks I will recognize that in the future. Here’s one of my leaves, I noticed a tiny bit of tip burn.

She’s just showing you she’s at her max nute intake.

LOL that’s how I read it. She’s due for a ph water today so I’ll add a gal (subject to runoff) to her (2 1/2 to 3 gal up from 2 gal). That should give her 3_4 days to munch on what’s in there already.

I would say like @Bobbydigital you are where you want to be. I back off a bit and then hit it again.

Ya think so as well. Not to far from the end.

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So I gave her 3 gals ph water. Got a better runoff and TDS in was 256 and out was 508. Ph 6.6 in and 6.9 out.

Here’s her weekly picts.


Doesn’t seem to be camera shy!

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Waiting for her to really bulk up. I’m figuring 6/7 weeks of flower at this point. Dont know what else to do at this point except what I’ve been doing.

6 or 7 since flip or since flowers started showing?

Flipped Aug 24 th. Showing flowers Sept 6thish.

Took this pic Sept 4th.

2nd pict sept 6th

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The seed house states 8 to 9 weeks flower (an estimated period) of course that’s optimal.BTW I dont she will be ready that fast.

I’m thinking mid to early nov.???

That’s what I’m thinking. But of course it depends on if the trichs want to be stubborn or not.

Just got my loop out and will be looking her over this afternoon and see where she is. Still has a lot of white hairs but some are brown and starting to recede.