2nd indoor coco grow. The unnoobening

2nd attempt at an indoor grow
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Prior to 13th November, I’d tried taking clones from plants that were in bloom, and the cuttings ended up looking like crispy pieces of shit. Essentially a dead bit of bud on a green stem that was still standing upright and maintaining, despite initial appearances to the contrary. If anything was/is happening, it’s happening under the surface.
So then I got worried that I might not have a continuing plant to take clones from (you can buy seeds here, but it isn’t legal. I’d used bag seed). The recently harvested skeletons were put back into the tent in attempt to get them to reveg.

Nothing seemed to have happened after a week, so I gave them up for dead and just hoped for better with the crispy cuttings… eventually. Still waiting.
A couple of weeks later (like 3 or 4) I checked the tent again, and plant 3 (the overachiever from the previous grow) had started some shit, despite being starved and in the dark. The shoots it was putting out were very yellow and unhealthy looking, but I took cuttings and potted them, putting them under a nursery bulb …a weak ass ikea grow light which actually has turned out to be pretty good for smaller plants/cuttings.

I suspected the vegging clones would be doing something before the blooming ones, I didn’t expect them to be doing it the day that they were planted. Ok so they were kind of flopping around a bit, but they were definitely aiming themselves at the light.
The bloom clones still haven’t done shit yet (image showed upside down until I rotated it, sorry if it’s still showing upside down).

At this point, my inclination is to throw out the bloom clones (which were taken from all 5 previous plants) and just keep the cuttings from plant 3, which has turned out to be quite the hard bastard… It’s been through hell and has shown no tendency to herm, it feels like it would be dumb to not keep it going.

I considered getting new seeds, and eventually I will, but right now, this strain (bag seed, so no idea, but smells pineappley) is good for me. It also has the benefit of being familiar and predictable, which if you’re looking for a sure thing weedwise, seems like a better bet (with regards to this very specific thing).

There’s going to be a novice aspect any time you try anything unfamiliar, even if you know the process. There may be standards and expectation of how the seeds are going work, but ultimately, it’s going to come down to how it works for you, in your environment, with your specifics, and you’ll only find that out through practice. So growing this strain, again, and having baselines to check against, should make for better/easier comparisons,after putting into practice what I’ve learnt.

(other me is raging about not being able to try ALL the weeds and does NOT want to do the same thing again)

New cuttings turned green pretty much overnight, once under the lamp. There were a bunch taken. Some are doing better than others.

New growth is green and looks healthy. Can’t tell exactly what’s going on with it. Not sure if it’s a bunch of tightly spaced nodes or it’s doing the trifoliate thing again because lower leaves all seem to be coming from the same point, but maybe stretch will show otherwise. I thought that once the gene was expressed, it wouldn’t show again on the same plant… Maybe this isn’t considered the same plant?

They’re doing the sun dance (those 1970’s dancing potplants now make more sense). but slowly. Not as animated as grown from seed, but still getting bigger daily.
The plant tips looked lighter a while back, so I think the water may have been nutritionally too hot for it.
I’d given a couple of ml of bloom feed, as I thought the age of the cutting should be matched to the donor plant and fed accordingly. Um… they seemed a bit pissed off about that.
I guess it’d be like giving a baby whiskey because dad drank it. One day it’ll be fine, but maybe not today. Also, get that baby a hat or something, its head is on fire…
There’s tip burn (yes… just the tips) on most of the cuttings, but only on older growth.

I’m planning to top these repeatedly until I have a bouquet on each plant, and I only plan to take 3 plants into flower, after 5 had me fighting for space the whole time, before.
The timing is deliberate. Starting in winter, and topping repeatedly is going to give me a while for vegging to happen. Snow can be a bit of a giveaway if you’re doing something illegal. Police here have been known to use the choppers to see whose roof still has snow on it. Grow lighting can melt the snow in an identifying way and I would prefer that my activities are not visible like that… even if I’m not growing in the loft.
I shouldn’t think the ikea lamp could melt an ice cube (in a hot bath) so I don’t have the same concerns about it. Anyway, I won’t be putting them into bloom until about April next year, so snows should have stopped and the light won’t be visible. Hopefully, the fire rains won’t have started by that point.
(that’s not a thing here… I just made that up) Ok, on that bombshell, I’m done for now.

A list of things I’ve misread the above banner as:

  • a patio for a pot
  • a potion for pot
  • a potato for pot
  • apotito pot (…?)
  • a patio for pat
  • apothecary (dot) com (stop being a link!)

The last one makes me laugh the most… the juxtaposition of words is amusing to my brain.
Yes I am, very, thanks for asking. Fuckles! Tittywagons! …Crumpets? Arseferrets.
Look at the size of my birb!


:joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::joy: absolutely tuned in for this fkfoolery! Sign me up… twice on a Tuesday :joy:

Now less silly, more mentor… the reason they didnt like the bloom feed… is cuz they arent in bloom anymore! Revegged means vegetative plants. What kind of soil are u using? If new FFOF, then no need to feed for now. If fairly enert, u use grown up level veg food (high N, low PK)

And since its a clone… technically it is the exact same plant. So ur theories on ‘the evil u know’ prove true. :+1:t5: And great thinking with the ‘stop snow from snitching’ frame of mind… hate to get an unexpected knock.

All in all… im set to watching. And gon start a new journal soon. Maybe tonight. Will be sure to tag u over


Yeah, my eyes are getting so bad, I’ve seen things like a pet for Pete, and definitely a patio for Pat. Why does Pat get a patio?

Nice job on your last harvest. Most of the clones I have taken have survived, but none were taken very far into bloom. I think most of mine have been from week 2 flower or earlier. The clones from the hardy plant look fine. I’d follow the advice @PurpNGold74 mentioned.

Set to watching. I’m not starting another journal for a month or so, but I’ll tag you in on the one I’m finishing up.


Dude; read the title haha! Or go roll a spliff…:crazy_face:


I’ve never used coco before, so my advice would certainly be lacking in that department.

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@Myfriendis410 Purp is probably already baked out of his mind. :joy:


I think that should read: “Always Baked” haha. (Like me)


Probably should have said always baked. I’m thinking of some Blue Dream to fire up.


While obviously battered :smile: (who? …yes) I think I know what @PurpNGold74 meant. Medium was new from the bag, not reused from the old pots (which had been flushed back to neutral), so it was pre-charged fresh from the bag (as sold)… which, on top of the bloom feed (oops) was just too strong for them.
Don’t read the above too many times. It won’t help
I’m giving them just ph’d water for the time being.

Also, I’m glad I’m not the only one experiencing visual issues with a potforaport.:joy:

(If I got that wrong Purp, you can just not mention it.:laughing: I tried.)


Haha good catch. Man its been along day. Think ill roll up two. SSH to pick me up, Domina to slap the edge off :drooling_face:

I was just tryna see what coulda inspired burned tips. Thanks for tryna save me @coriolis but MyFriend caught me slipping again :joy:


I’m sure the favor will be returned sometime…


Im lurking and waiting to call ya bro :eyes::wink:


I’m deep into a large spliff of Thai Haze so any time…


@coriolis, I’m going to tag along also, that is if you don’t mind. I think that I musta got stoned and missed the train the last go around, I’m in this time :+1::+1::v:


“The Unnoobening” I’m still laughing at that! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


So after two whole weeks of literally imperceptible movement, the cuttings have finally (11th Dec) started to move a bit. I think I can see the exact moment they kicked into gear… see if you can spot it.

Of those, only the one in the front left middle is now from bloom stock. I got sick of waiting for them to do something so junked all the seemingly empty pots.
The two larger have been cut back down in an attempt to cause the lower colas to get dominant. I’ll be doing that repeatedly. Got a feeling I’m going to be cropping these for a while

In other news… I made some cannabutter… and I’m not sure I want to eat it because, well, it smells like Rumpelstiltskin’s grundle. I made it with a pound of butter and 3oz-ish of trim, and holy balls, it smells so bad that I don’t know whether the effects could possibly be worth it.
Imagine elderly spinach soaked in an old, used footspa, with stagnant summer ditch water, stirred generously by teabagging repeatedly with a tramp’s musty balls… and you’re somewhere close.
Does anyone knows whether it’s possible to improve it, or whether that’s just how it tastes and smells?.. because I’m thinking the latter. (I am not a fan of vegetables)

Also, and lastIy, I wondered if anyone had ever sent off a bit of punched leaf to the places that can assess your weed, and if so, what kind of information do they provide?
Would it be too jargony for a noob? or is it like “Good weed. Should get you high.”?
Not that I would want to risk mailing weed… I’m just curious.


@PurpNGold74 @Jza444 @repins12
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Holy Balls, Is that the time? …and date?
(still haven’t watched the Dark Crystal series… did smoke all the weed though)

So, last year was a bag of shit, and I finally got a holiday in January, which meant leaving the plants unattended for just under two weeks… with no heat on… in January.
I left the lights on but the heat from the vegging light was imperceptible so gave no assistance. Thankfully, aside from a little tip burn (gave them a hot feed before leaving), and being a little parched on my return, they were absolutely fine. And the house didn’t burn down.
Now looking like this

With two moved into the bigger pots.
The rest I’m trying to keep small for now, have been cutting them back continually since Nov. I bought another tent, about a quarter of the size, so I can continue vegging in there, while the other tent flowers. Planning to get another light (led and silent… like the ikea but much bigger) so I can continue vegging the bigger ones and don’t have to start the loud light until bloom.
It 's probably a bit ass backwards, as I know the more light the better, but they seemed to do ok last time. I’m not sure how much I trust the phlizon to not burn my shit down if it’s left on 24/7.
Two bigger plants have about ten colas (each) so far. I suspect these two will fill the tent alone, if vegged as long as the last lot… but I also have nothing to smoke… soo not sure how long I’ll be waiting to flip. It’s sure as hell going to get messy again.

When I said “bloom clones” before (the crispy pieces of shit)… they were not early bloom clones… I took them wayyyy after harvesting, which was probably not ideal.

But from what you say @PurpNGold74, they should start on veg feed (seedling strength?) as soon as they’re put back under 24/7 light? I was worried they’d die after being unfed in the dark for so long (they were previously getting a feed at about 1600-1800ppm)…it’s a little impressive that they survived the diet… of both scenarios.

Just letting people know I’m still around. Need to be reading, and learning, and getting involved again. I’ve increased my usage somewhat. It would be too expensive to buy now.

:dog2: :lipstick: :pinching_hand:


Haha yea thats a side effect of growing. Ur usage definitely goes up. Happy to see ur around. Sorry kinda fell off the journal. Too many being watched :joy:

But they will want bloom feed levels of PK. I’d probably half and half it. Half bloom strength half veg. Still 1000+ ppms id imagine. They have their mother’s appetite.

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