2nd hydroponic system will it work need help with this question fresh air to roots

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thank you , i am thinking about a 2 part system , and maybe u can tell me if its worth doing , i am using dwc and would like to add a drain and flood system, i would drain the water from dwc to flood and drain reservoir long enough to air out my tomato roots ,in my flood system i will put a pump to circulate the nutions before going back into dwc reservoir i just dont know if it would be worth the time and effort maybe u can help answer my question , ? thank u

Lol Ok :wink: well I would say you may just be complicating things a recirculating DWC is one thing adding ebb&flow you may as well try using NFT or fertigation? DWC is air pumped into water to oxygenate it both systems are quite different but have same results. Here is where I see an issue if you are using dwc roots are always submerged in highly oxygen rich nutrient solution, ebb and flow is exactly how it sounds water is brought to the plant than slowly drains away only to repeat process. Not worth the effort and time both systems are effective on their own

Agreed. Pick a system you like and work to perfect it for your specific situation/requirements.

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I just turn on pumpdumpit