2nd Gtow WW auto & Gold Leaf


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Hi Everyone, Sorry I haven’t written in while, so much personal things going on, I actually have a little while to catch up .
I have 3 WW Auto’s that are that are 34 days into flowering , I’m getting anxious, can’t wait to chop them all down but I think they still need a few more weeks. I took some close up pictures , not sure if all will upload, as long as one does so I can have some expert eyes to take a look at them. I gave them some bloom nutes on Monday and they are really starting to fatten up. I’m only allowed 10 tags per post so I’ll tag anyone I missed in the next post. Please all comments are more than welcome, in fact very encouraged.



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@MBgrower Looks real good :call_me_hand: but I’d say she’s got a bit longer, but I’m no pro :man_shrugging: Lol


@MBgrower do you have jewelers lope? If not go get one so you can start monitoring the cloudiness of your trichs. Your girls look great keep it up!!


Your getting there. You still have a lot of white pistils and your buds haven’t fattened up yet. I looked up the average flowering time for WWa and the flowering time was 56 days on average. so you have 24 days by that calculation. By looking at your pics that seems about right. Be patient and you will be rewarded in the end with big fat buds


Thank you for looking that up , I tried to find out how long for WWA flowering time but couldn’t find anything, could you please tell me where I can go to read up on WWA.

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It’s been a sad week , discovered mold on my Auto’s that are about 2 weeks from harvest. I tried to treat it , really wanted them to finish. Well I had to harvest early , I quess its better that loosing the whole HARVEST.

I cut off all the branches that where infected, trimmed them real good , cut out all the rout and hung them to dry in a separate room, away from the other plants. I did leave some of the plant that doesn’t look infected to grow a little more. I’m keeping my eye on them.
Thank God that my other ladies are planted in the ground on the other side of the property , the chances of them getting infected is slim but not impossible. Have to make sure to wash and disinfect all my garden tools and make sure that I’m also disinfected , hands washed and clean clothes - don’t want to pass it along.
Another lesson, I grow outside so I have some reading to do on how to prevent this in the future. If anyone has any suggestions , I would appreciate any comments or experiences. Most of the time I learn more from others knowledge.
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Be vigilant @MBgrower, grey mold can travel in the air as well as lay dormant on over 200 plant species. Wild berries will do it if you have them locally. It only takes wind and a little moisture for those dormant spores to awaken and surprise you.

Clean any tools to eliminate cross contamination to other girls. Also look for white mold on the leaves. It sort of looks like a watered down bird poop on the leaves. I say this because the first year I swore it was bird poop lol. A couple days later I’d find right smack on a what was once a towering, beautifully sparkling, so plump cola. Rot. oz’s of it over time. I find more bud rot at sites where a dead leaf(s) that didn’t drop away from the girl. Eventually transferring the mold right to the bud sites. The worst I find is right on top of a bud or nestled tightly inside a dense bud (white mold).

Sorry for your loses and early harvest.

I have a lot of work invested in these girls. I continue to fight back by cutting away the rot. It takes months of fighting but the surrounding area need to be bombed as well to really eliminate it briefly. I would expect it to temporarily subside but eventually return to the grow. Imo As soon as the flowering starts it begins. But I’m sure there’s sprays to help control during veg stage.


@MAXHeadRoom, liitle off topic and don’t mean to hijack the OP’s post but it’s been a long time since I’ve seen that picture of your pro-pic or heard that name. Damn… I feel old :joy:.


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@DoomSack Thank you for all the information. It’s raspberry season and every year my father inlaw puts nets on some to try and get them before the birds , whats weird is that mostly all the raspberries are still there , the birds didn’t eat them. He found it very strange because he’s been fighting with the birds for years , hmmm…
Know that I think about it , Ive been picking him raspberries and I got gray mold on my ladies. I definitely have some cleaning then extra cleaning to do. I do have one Auto in the garden in flower right now and she looks good so far. But I have 11 more ladies to worry about . Thank you so much for the heads up



Been a while since I did an update in my journal. Summer is coming to an end , which means so is my growing season :frowning_face: No more starting germinating or even thinking about it till next year, kinda makes me sad … All my Ladies have started flowering, they are all showing formed beautiful while flowers in the center, I do love FLOWERS :ear_of_rice:
I have on Lady Gold Leaf who flowered early , she is planted in the ground and surrounded by her sister’s , I also planted WWA in fabric pots , now that I think about it , I wonder if I got her mixed up - I wonder if she’s an Auto…Hmm…:thinking:
Here is a few pictures of her , I Split her stem and now just waiting and being patient

Here are few picture of my Gold Leaf Ladies

Beautiful White Flowers …Proof my growing season is coming to an end , BitterSweet , this is also my favorite part of the GROW

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Sorry if I missed anyone … All comment and concerns are highly appreciated
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Yes I would agree by got them mixed up. An autoflower is the only MJ plant that would b fully flowering outside this time of year.

Funny I say that but I have a 10” Anomaly outside almost done flowering and it’s a photo. But in 20 + years of growing I have never seen it before. It came from a group of seeds that had all kinds of weird issues.