2nd Grow Z-Kittles, Converted My Closet

This is the cheap camera I purchased off of amazon about $50 but I seen others here paid about the same for higher magnification than this one you may want to research a little more.

Sorry for the delay my back is f-ing with me
These pictures are from 5 different plants I’m currently growing all different strains
Now the hard part when will these be ready for chop?

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@spankyjr1 I am clueless. It seemed more stable before? Sure has been whipping my ass as of late. BTW, I am 30 ppm coming off the filtered side of the RO.

Beware of getting operations when you get old. I am worse off after on the ones I got done recently.

I don’t use RO water I only know you won’t get reliable/accurate/stable readings with that low PPM

I had 4 surgeries 2 the result of doctor errors and ended up with CRPS (chronic regional pain syndrome) type 1 and 2

5/04/2021 Update:


Trying to make sense of it all. Your words stirred me to get off my stoned ass and do some very Unscientific testing. I am supplying real time data below.

Today I measured some water….

(Tap) untreated Water: 750 ppm @ 8 PH (Locked on rather quick) so there may be some truth to you words about the PPM being low?

(RO) Triple Filtered Water: 35 ppm @ 5.6 PH (long time +30 seconds to steady out)

When you mention the meter being unable to read PH in low PPM solutions, is yours a different style? …

Meaning better to measure PH with low level of PPM, meaning superior to my Y&B (El Cheapo) one I am using?

I have noticed, our PPM of tap use to be in the 500 PPM range, recently. Seems a lot higher now +200.

This last RO triple filter exchange a few months back, I inserted a more spongy final filter. I made the purchase online and had never used that filter pack / brand before. I know my old finishing filter was real HARD, and the PPM was around 20 when I measured the RO a few months after the filter was in use. This one here seems to already be letting some muck pass thru.

I saw where some guy had high PPM in his water and he said his plants were thriving. Not sure or can’t remember who had stated that. Around here who knows what type of carcinogen those PPM are? I am about half tempted to make a experiment on one of the fall plants RO vs Tap.

Unless a more quality meter will solve my PH issues reading in low PPM?

Any thoughts on the matter? Love the opinions. I need to quit guessing on what the PH is.

Wheel of PH Misfortune around here.

Anybody? @Hellraiser @beardless

Don’t think any meter will be accurate with that low of PPM
Wait for the others to chime in but I’m pretty sure hell uses a mix of well and RO


I have been told tds / ppm need to be around 100 in order to get an accurate pH reading.


Just skimmed through your entire journal @Work4iT, Looking good!


I use a mix of RO and tap water, 6 oz of tap water to 1 gallon of RO, with Jacks puts me at the perfect ph for coco - 5.8.

Yep, need some ppm (100 or so) to actually hold a ph, sure a ph meter will give you a value for distilled or RO but it’s meaningless as that clean of water won’t hold ph at all.


I see said the blind man. Figuratively speaking. @spankyjr1 I am going to promote you to All Star. Atta Boy, Spankster, smacked another Homer for me.

Notice, I believe you, but I still am asking @Hellraiser and @beardless if it is true, LOL. No… seriously… appreciate your words. You got Grow-Game.

At 700+ PPM I will mix in a bit of Tap with RO to dial in PH to experiment bringing PPM up a bit, maybe 32 Oz tap of 3 Gal total fluids.

I am just going to play with brew ratio of the baseline water solution to get me a readable solution in PH scale.

Makes sense as PH pen Locks on to Tap water quick and CAL lock quick too. In RO it just almost never ending scroll on LCD.

I am going FFHF Dirt again this fall, but I will get me a mix of RO with a couple splashes of this hard ass tap water as I want to be sure at least I got the PH nailed.

This <100 PPM bit of knowledge, is going to be as beneficial as watering to run off I think.

Let’s all go Get Stoned!


Thanks Breezy, I will come back to re read and reinforce some techniques for fall grow.

Got any buds popping out the dirt currently?

Love this ILGM Wedding Cake Strain (Auto). It can take some abuse, grows nice and big also.

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Here is a question to anybody who may want to chime in. I am guessing PH checking might be done differently, but I thought that first I need to PH the water then add the Trio Chems, Cal Mag etc. in that order?

If PPM being lacking is a problem for me, can I add the Trio then try and nail down the PH first? I am assuming that the feeds / trip Chems are adding PPM to the mix as I add.

Will this be a better way to mix and measure, i.e. give me some ppm to bind to the water for measuring? I have always been somewhat confused when I should check the water for PH and when I should add the Feed/Chems. Maybe changing the order of when I check the water for PH?

Still going to mix in a small amount of tap playing with the numbers. Ideally I want to keep my PPM low as I can, I am guessing…Low from the water source that is, not adding too many of the mystery PPM which I a guessing is bad stuff as the is all taking place from Petro Central with plenty of crappy water for all.


When mixing up your nutes if using silica you mix that first then the cal mag, then whatever nutes you’re using. After you have it all mixed up you ph the mixture as the very last step. Hope this helps! Also good morning!


No point in ph’ing until you’ve added silica, CalMag and nutes. This is the order I do things.

  1. Add silica (if using)
  2. CalMag (if using)
  3. Whatever nutes you are using in the order they should be added (Part A, Part B, etc…)
  4. Ph adjust it (5.8 for coco, 6.5 for potting soil)
  5. Add root enhancing stuff like Recharge or Fishsh!t.

I don’t like to use ph up/down if I don’t need to, so I’ve figured out that adding a certain amount of my tap water will make my ph where I want it.


Thank you Gentlemen and Hellraiser.

Got a bit smarter during this grow for sure.

5/05/2021 Update:

My Eureka PH moment, sponsored by @spankyjr1 (My PPM / PH hero of the week).

This grow I am nearing the chop down. I had a cup of reality and I accept the fact I am not going to make High Time Center Fold layouts with these 2 autos, but these things DO make my mouth water when I open the door to check on them! Gold Leaf is throwing some ambers and looking pretty. The Wedding cake has 2 Cola that are Coke Can Size plus in thickness, dense buds. WC is starting to amber also, but a little behind GL.

When I think it is really time to chop down the GL which is nearing I am going to have to make a game time decision on the WC. I am thinking, as part of the experiment with these two plants I may take WC down a little early just to see how the effects are when I smoke it. I will have that same drying, location, issue as before. Makes the fall grow easy to choose all the same strain.

All will be WC thinking they will all stay about same height and Finish at same time. Different strains in this tight space is not smart. I think tomorrow will be a feed with 2 watering events afterwards and I am probably going to take them down.

I am definitely going Wedding Cake X3 or X4 this Fall in this tight closet. I will be manifolding them as the results for the March Cut down plant WC did very nice in yield. Smokes nice. Even with all the stress I put on them cutting them and tying them down both those autos did nice. I am really hoping to get my sh*t together from Day #1 on the Fall grow and slay it with some nice plant leaf coloration all the way thru the Grow.

Here was my thought process for using RO water, with FFHF Dirt. The water around here is very hard. Nobody actually drinks the water around these parts. 759 PPM today from direct tap. Lots of minerals / Scale and pretty sure pollution as we do a lot of underground mining for dinosaur pools around these parts. Plants are most certainly not people and maybe I just guessed wrong deciding not to use tap water. Not sure why I did it to be honest. I realize my Diesel mechanic Friend may not have all the answers to weed growing but you know quite a bit.

Does the lower PPM initial numbers you are gauging the food uptake better and know what the plant is in taking in as you are mixing it yourself?

Is PH really the only thing to get wrapped around the axle fretting over, or is baseline PPM being high a real No-No also?

My guess for dirt growers the PH is a lot more important than PPM, only a guess though.
@spankyjr1, @hellraiser, @beardless, I would be very curious as to what is your water PPM out the tap, and do you use it? Well or City water source?

I see my outdoor tomato plants grow well in my yard with nothing but tap water. Could they do better with proper nutrients and PH, absolutely!

Why did I decide to go RO? Not sure exactly.

Some Numbers I pulled today just water, and if you care to offer up any thoughts, I am all ears. I think I am getting close to start off water with that 2 Gal RO and 1 Gal of Love Potion 759 ppm.

Tap Water = 759 PPM and 8.10 PH steady at 30 seconds

2 Gal RO water reading 42 PPM Initially
2 Gal RO + 16 oz Tap water = 90 PPM
2 Gal RO + 48 oz Tap water= 173 PPM
2 Gal RO + 64 oz Tap water= 203 PPM

2 Gal RO + 1 Gal Tap = 310 PPM and 7.05 PH at 30 seconds per PH Pen directions. Did not Lock Dead on, but pretty steady.

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5/06/2021 Update:

@spankyjr1 (My Current Weed Doctor)

Water / Fed using the Trio chems, Full Label Strength. Still lots of white Pistils on the WC buds. The GL is getting close so this very well may be the last feed, followed by two Flush Watering, 2 nights of total darkness would put me around 11 days to the chop. All is iffy and subject to change as I am still trying to figure out what right looks like.

The milky ness and the Loupes being the trigger point of the cut, Nope, I am just going with amber hairs.

The earlier chop of the 5 Gal bags were both at 90 days total grow. These 3 Gal Bags are approx. 96 days into the grow currently. I am not going to Fret over the milkiness until I get some better loupes, or better eyes. Not a make of break investment for me at this point. I am going to buy that PH pen before we kick off the fall Grow Season as I still am not going in at 6.5 PH. The PH Up was not having a huge reaction so instead of pissing in Blue to the solution, I just watered and Fed as I was not liking the oil Slick the PH Up appears to add to the feed. I am still going to replace the solutions too as cross contamination could be a reality as the same measuring tube was going into multiple bottles of stuff.

The solution sat over night in the bucket as 2 Gal RO with 1 Gal Tap. This AM I start with a quick fluid check was 6.8 PH steady. PPM measurement with feed in solution was 1250 PPM.

Each plant got close to 1.25 Gal, Run off:

GL 5.8 PH with 1680 PPM Run Off measurement

WC 6.08 PH with 1500 PPM Run Off measurement


My city tap water is near 500 ppm at a ph of 8 or so, I use it like most people use ph up - add some to the RO water to bring ph where I want it.

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Both numbers are needed to make any changes they go hand in hand
If you had high PPM numbers without knowing PH you wouldn’t know if you are feeding too much or the plant is not uptaking because of PH out of wack
Knowing both numbers lets you create a better environment to avoid problems before they affect the plant

IMO both numbers are equally important
My ppm is about 140, Ph varies from 7.0-8.3 city water pretty clean I drink it I don’t buy bottled for myself

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@spankyjr1 Read that you added the light bar to run in concert with those HLG Lights you bought awhile back over on Hell’s thread. Got the Turbo Charged Cats running perfectly I’ll bet, so to speak. :grinning:

I saw the 20 Hour statement about the pistils. If you want post a pic or two, or 10 anytime, feel free. Anything you have to share, I am listening, watching, looking.

This thread here has about run its course. I will stay with it until I dry weigh these two plants with sporadic updates. I am going to go back and re-read it a couple weeks before I germinate this fall and see what the @Hellraiser threads are talking about. I’ll be so stoned between this an the next grow I will need a name tag to identify what is in the mirror.

To Grow the Magazine Centerfold Buds the more intense the Lighting the better the overall results. No way around it. Cheap Ass equipment produces fluff buds. For my space which is very limited…my current set up is producing better bud than I was buying, so I am happy unless Elon Musk of Grow Lights comes up with something better, I guess.

A few months ago, I smoked some Pepsi Bricked Weed Grown from who knows how long ago? LOL. Shit was definitely grown Down in Mexico…where the Pepper Grow,… anyway…

I am trying to go as low cost as possible, as I have chosen to retire. I have limited my choices of what I can buy, on purpose when I walked away from it all. I am not going burn up my entire life working for the man.

You, have a mechanic’s trade know how where you can pic and choose a few Huge Paying Rebuilds here and there to work as you want. Not alot of people have that skill set. You guys are like Plumbers and Doctors…LOL