2nd Grow Z-Kittles, Converted My Closet

Alright, going to document my 2nd grow. First Grow I went with the Fox Farms (Frog on Bag) and did OK. My goal was not to Kill the plant round one and I succeeded. Came out with 58 Gams of Blue Dream. The first grow was in a tent which was too dominate and obvious for our tiny house.

I since converted a closet which is 24x24 by guessing around 70" of height space from heat sink on light board.

I did purchase the Reccommended @Hellraiser Lighting. I reviewed my first post and this was the light that @dbrn32 also suggested.

I started with 4 seeds hoping for a Rock Wool and Dirt to sprout. I know I dont have the space for 2 bushed flowering but I know have the SF 1000 board (58 grams-Grow 1- Rookie Errors) and the HLG 135 V2 I am going to put in closet.

I have to connect the AC and Then I think I will be ready for flowering (With door shut-I hope)

The Fan Pulls 204 CFM out per minute from closet. I am assuming that is running the fan at 10 setting speed.

I am going to rout the AC to the bottom of the closet from a 8000 BTU room AC that I am going to push in thru a 4: dryer connection.

I am liking the COVERT of the closet in case I had somebody have to come in the house.

Here are a few pics.

I ask the board this question…What point should I go to solo cup transplant, last time I went straight to the final Large Fabric Bag from Seedling. I have read that is not a good strategy to employ.

The Dirt has sprout and I got 2 potential winners!

Strategy: I am going to crop at the 4th growth and LST to keep it short and squat like. The first go around it got too tall and I under PH and under Fed. This time I am going CAL MAG and the Flora Trio and wk 1 I am going 1/4 teaspoon of trio and 1/2 strength on CAL mag.

I am going to go harder at Nutrients this time.

I jumped power from wall and added a 20 amp protected 4 way receptacle so I don’t have extension cord mess.

Little concerned with the heat and smell but I am hoping I can find a sweet spot on the ac/exhaust fan in this small space.

Having trouble adding the Pictures and will come back later. This happened before to me on last grow also. Coming thru the VPN worked in past, so will try and make this a thread to visually follow.

Hopefully I can pull better numbers on Grow 2 with more aggressive feeding schedule and this upgraded 135 light. I still have to assemble the board as I just got it in the mail.

I have started off with the SF 1000 LED board which I had all the way 20/4 on Grow 1 of Blue Dream I think at 58 grams. The buds Ripened, but were not Solid TIGHT as I think it was the Crappiness of the LED and prolly other rooking shit like PH too low (Not 7) more in the 6.ish range…due to ignorance and worried the grow would be killed by mistakes.

The seeds from IGLM and the dirt and a half assed light and really just I did not forget to water. Produced 58 grams so these are somewhat easy to grow…

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Reflextix with 1/2" staples.

Trimmed a shelf from original closet and added angle iron to throw a germinate dome on a heater pad. Hoping for 2 grows a year, producing a better than 58 gram which I think will be very possible.

I am still a little confused on Feminized seeds and Autos. Is there a Difference?

My First Grow I am pretty sure it was a Blue Dream. It could have been a Gold Leaf, but not really sure.

Grow 2 Candidates are here

Hoping to get some thoughts on my set up, and I know it is too small, but hey…It is all I can do with my situation.

Has anyone piped AC into a closet like this and anything to share, good, bad, ugly?

AC is coming in thru 4" at bottom of Closet near floor. I was thinking I can tube it to anyplace within the closet as time for AC / Flowering stage in to play.

I have installed a pully (sheave) at top and have a Infinity Charcoal Filter ready to place on the inlet suction at top of closet. I do have the Controller Motor, 185 CFM closet and the fan is supposed to pull 204 cfm


So where does your intake air come from? Just the ac?

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I have a 8000 BTU Roll around type AC and it has a 5 Inch Intake. Amazon sent me one with a cracked and missing parts so the replacement is here Soon. I have the 6 Inch Hole saw with a Louver Kit and I will screen it.

I am hoping to play with the door skirt I installed on the inside of the door. As meaning I would have a 1" gap between door bottom and lower door edge. As it is right now the door is almost sealed and I think I may create a vacuum or some kind of weird air situation if I got too much on the input

I plan on taking a piece of card board and cut a rectangle to sit atop the rolled blower. The card board will give me the flex I need to force the air thru the tube and I can use a piece of the 4 inch dryer stuff I have on hand to connect the hose 4 Inch Dryer hose. Dryer hose forced input will be about 3 ft max to closet.

I have the input low, one to camouflage easy. I can throw a dog bed next to the capped off if I need to go covert.


It will be drilled thru the Aerosmith Cover on the wall and the exhaust tube will be mounted thru outer wall of house.

Right now I have the door open in veg so the Air is circulating from the open door and being blown up and out thru the attic.

I am hoping when they go to flower and smelling WOW I will have the air mix figured out. Again I am hoping to force air in and play with the draft on the door skirt in flowering.

Bottom of door, where right now I think I have installed in flush / dragging the floor and I think I am going to have to raise this to around 1/2" for starters once I totally close.

I forgot to take the pic of when I test fit the Infinity Carbon I think 9" long canister filter. I am going to have that right above the 135 board beaming light on top of the plant.


Are you sure you even need the air conditioner? As long as your exhaust isn’t restricted by filter or too small of an intake, should exchange plenty of air through there. Unless you are type that leaves your home warmer than normal, it would probably be fine.

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Right now when I have the door semi closed the temp will run up to 79 to 81F and I do not have the door fully closed 75% of the time of this initial stage as there is no aroma. I live in a area that 40% Relative Humidity is probably the higheset I will see unless it is raining.

What Temps do you feel are the sweet spot for the growth of the plant? Does is change at all when I go to Flowering stage.

Right now it looks as my 2 candidates in Rockwool have probably failed. I see some activity and keep wathering but did I plant the MF upside down? I thought the thing would try and go to the light?

These things I threw in water for 48 hrs and they all cracked tails…I put in Medium and started Lights right then about the 50 hrs mark…

Also…when the tails on the seeds crack…do you start the lighting process right there or do you still keep them dark and warm until the first pair of green leaves spring open?

I am a dumb ass when it comes to growing, but I am going to crush it this time, 2nd go around, with this HLG 135 v2 board and a heavier dose of the Flora Trio.

I am going 20/4 all the way.

Also…Fem vs Auto…seeds. WTF is the deal with these 2 “Types” does anybody care to educate the stoned dumb ass?

I am going to place the dirt candidates to a better 16 oz solo cup today (carefully as the one I could see the root portion exposed slightly last night.

I am not going to give up on the rock wool (Is the MFrs upside down?). I have a couple DWC buckets I am itching to try. Would love to crash a hydro grow just to say, yea, I fuxking fuxked it up too! LOL.

Zkittles I think…Shit I am just wanting tighter buds and I am going to do it this time!

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db, i have the controller on the outside of the closet wall. I have the temp probe or will have it hanging in the middle of the plant as the growth happens.

I am lopping it off at the 4th (Sprout…?) and going to tie it down to LST the bush.

The 135 light and I have a couple clamp on full spectrum small ones I picked up on Amazon. I am going to clip those on the shower pole I have running vertical…sitting on bricks I taped up so I can hang fans on to blow air on the heat sink.

My Carbon filter also hangs in the center and I added a sheave with a toggle bolt at top so I have it even though the space is small the filter has a unobstructed travel up and down the closet space.

The Refletix, I bought one roll and it did the closet. I bought the silver tape for the joints…I used and cut my 27x27x60 tent floor I used on grow 1 where the SF 1000 and alot of rookie mistakes with PH and underfeeding the trio produced 58 grams of Blue Dream (I think)

Grow 3 I will not have the WTF is this strain problem! 4sure.

Grow 1

Grow one last May blue dream. I germinate 1 Feb…Cut down 25 May… almost 120 days start to finish with Spider Farmer 1000, Dirt with the Frog on the Bag…Under performed on Flora Trio…Cal Mag.

This time I am going to use a trio and cal mag diluted all the way. 20/4

Looking for tips…I think I will apply the fans on the heat sink experiment with blowing up as opposed to down and I have 2 portable thermo that I will place in the closet box…Hot air Science theory…I want to see the temp from top to bottom of closet with and without air.

I keep the house at 71F. The AC I think is overkill, but…it is about the air mix.

I also am going, starting today to document the GROW on paper so I can come back and tweak it on grow 3/

Grow 1…It smoked well and got me stoned…Blue Dream…Possible Gold Leaf? All IGLM either way.

the tent was too Loud and Out there. I had to keep it open in Flower and Momma was not happy with the house being stunk up. Me I was OK with it…LOL Got 58 grams…Lots of Mistakes!



Fan and Light pole. I got a 96" at walmart and need a few bricks that I taped up so when I clean it it will be easier.

I know that it is going to take dialing it in playing with how much of ac flow and how much I increase the gap on the floor to pull in room/ house air to mix with force ac air…

The closet I think would get up to 85F min with doors closed.

The 2nd Battery operated thermo I am going to tie with string and thumb tack it to the top board by the 4 inch exhaust Closet Intake.

added a 4 drop reciptical


Sometimes weight is related to genetics rather than growing conditions. In a recent 4 plant grow, one came in at 60 grams, while the other three averaged 2x that. Your new set up looks great and you put a lot of work and thought into it. Your plants should love it. Good luck


Beardless I a glad you came by to at least throw in $0.02. Don’t leave my Ass now I am going to try and be like you my… Grow-Hero, LOL.

Work4iTI know that there is power in Knowledge…Right now…I got nothing but ambition to offer up to the board.

Does anybody have any tips for leaving the house for a few days, should I go with dripper bulb pushed in dirt. I still got a couple weeks to sort that out…Just water the shit out of them before I leave?

@beardless when you mentioned the 120 gram plants, what strain are you talking about?

Me I want to go for weight. Smoke Strain …I love them all if I get stoned!

What have been some of your more “Productive Strains” as far as Dry Weight goes?

Just wondering. Also…some of the easier grows in Auto and FEM ?

Have you done a Photoperiod and did that come out good?

Good luck with your grow @Work4iT I’m also a newer grower but can help on a few things, auto seeds are fem and you have no control over when they start to flower, fem are photos seeds that you need to change the lights to 12/12 to start flower, what soil are you going to use this time? Most soils you want a 6.5 PH not 7
Happy growing brother

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I am using the fox farm the one with the frog on it. I am Cal Mag and Flora Trio and not going to get too crazy with other stuff.

I am going to lop it at 4th and net it down. My First grow I let the main stalk get too high and that of course got too close to the light. The LED do throw off some heat so having it right on the plant is a no go.

What is the sweet spot on Grow Closet as far a Temp Range. I know not to get under 65F but how high can I get the temps in the closet or a better question what do I want to keep them at?

Vegetative state how many degree Fahrenheit , HLG 135 v2 board at 80%, Inches from Plant_??**

Flowering state how many degree F? 135 board 100% blast, Inches from Plant__?___?

@Work4iT happy frog is the name of the soil and I used it alone on my first grow. It already has enough fertilizer for at least 4 weeks so I wouldn’t add anything else but maybe a small amount of calmag on water days
I’m not familiar with the flora line. FYI in order to get someone to respond to your post make sure to address as I did to start this reply @ and then the user name or they won’t know you asked for them to respond
Do you understand the difference between fem and auto now? Also, autos have a shorter window to top and train you may want to follow someone’s auto grow to see some results also auto seeds are not good for cloning.
What kind of seeds are you growing this time I only could find your first harvest? Auto photo fem strain?
As far as temps you can get as low as 60f degrees without an issue the sweet spot is about 75-85f as long as humidity is adequate and not to high about 70% during veg and 60% during flower for high numbers 50% during flower is ideal Try not letting it get below 40% and you should be fine
I’ll post a few pictures of mine if you like I don’t want to post without asking? Got to check my plants now the best advice I can give right now is smoke some if you got it don’t stress have fun :sunglasses:


I was referring to Northern Lights photoperiod from ILGM
I just posted the most recent harvest weights of NL clone and three AK-47s at An auto, three photos and a clone
The NL clone is actually a cutting from the plant I mentioned with the light weight.
The single heaviest plant I have grown (I started 8/2019) is a Jack Herer auto @ 161g pictured here

I have only grown feminized seeds whether they are auto or photo. ILGM only sells feminized seeds. Because my grow spaces are limited I choose not to try regular seeds.
I started with autos and once comfortable with the plant, moved to photos. I like the flexibility photos offer over autos. Namely, how long to veg, more training options and the ability to take clones. You can check out my bathroom SOG grow at Sea of Green Acres AK47 & NL Clones

The easiest auto was blueberry. great compact plant, tight buds and no issues. Three plants - 275g.
I have not had any major issues with the photos I have grown. It is mostly because I learned from the mistakes I made with autos.
I will be putting the last batch of clones in the tent today. After they are finished I think I will go with Grand Daddy Purple. I bought GDP for a winter grow but somehow I ended up with a bunch of clones to grow out. It will be a spring grow instead.


With qb’s you want your canopy temps in low 80’s lights on.

What is the temperature of your intake air? Or, the ambient temp of room intake air is coming from? Most keep their homes around 70-72f. If you do that, and have good enough air exchange, I don’t see your canopy temps as problem.

Edit… I missed post above where you put this stuff. For what it’s worth, I don’t even use probe on my ac infinity fans. Just set the speed where it keeps around 80f in manual.

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Is that a shower curtain rod that has the fans on them?

Did you shoot trim to the back of your door?

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Got a 96" bar at walmart and had to shim it with about 6 bricks so when I twist it it has some pipe in the lower half it was at tall at the ceiling without a shim. It seems like the clamp grabs

it tight and have not had a problem with loosening. Can move and clamp exactly where I want them.

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