2nd grow with led

  • What strain Girlscout auto and gorilla glue auto

  • Seed bank ILGM

  • Method: Organic soil, FF Happy Frog

  • Vessels: 3 gallon bags

  • PH of Water, Solution, runoff: using 6.3ph water, declorinated

  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable. It’s staying consistent with jack’s schedule

  • Indoor 5x5 tent

  • Light system : spider farmer sf4000

  • Temps; ave 72°f

  • Humidity; varies… low 30 high 62

  • Ventilation system; Yes 6" with inline fans 390cu ft/min

  • Co2; No, but considering getting a bag or bucket

*Using Jack’s 3,2,1 once ppm was under 1000, but it’s only been in happy frog 2 weeks. Solo cup was half HF half Promix.

*started jacks around week 4. Ppm was 650 a start of nutes. Started 33% 66% then full strength

Only real problem so far i had the lights at 80% 3/4s way through vegetation. One girlscout got a little intensity burn. Took a couple weeks to recover but is doing ok

This is between 8 and 9 weeks

The big gorilla glue looked like it was going to stretch so I topped it at the 8th node. It just got massive. Im worried it’s to big. Not height, just branches, colas etc. Is that possible. Right now I’m feeding about every 36 hours

Let me know what you think or if you see any issues or have ideas

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Help… I can’t remember who to tag lol

For the record, im very proud of this grow compared to 1st one

Sorry for crappy pics… not sure why one is upside down. Its not on my phone

So, the 4 individual shots show 3 of the same gg that I topped and the small one is the gsc that got burnt


Lookin good dude, you got a jungle in there! Yours are gonna start fattening up fast. I just harvested my gsca’s and was pretty disappointed with the bud density but had a nice harvest. I really thought the switch to high quality led would tighten my stuff up but I still have lots of learning…


I’ve heard autos tend to not have the density of photosensitive. I have the problem. They feel solid af on the plants but lose density as they dry

This grow has been fed jack’s throughout so I’m hoping for a little better results

Plus it might be the strain or genetics

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how many plants are there? They look huge

How many weeks old at harvest?

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Agreed on the auto’s, I just didn’t want to use that as an excuse. My GGA’s were awesome but a little on the loose side as well. I’ll be switching to photos soon. I also use happy frog and jacks and use 3 gallon fabric pots.
From what I’ve read the co2 probably won’t justify the expense with your current set up and temps

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That was my legal limit of 4 plants. I’d have to go back and look up how old they were but it was somewhere around 11 weeks

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My GSC photo turned out really nice with rock hard dense nugs but then again like you stated it is a photo not an auto. Im also growing in coco coir not soil


Looks good, nice full tent, will get a lot of buds!

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Thanks @Hellraiser

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I can grow 5 in Illinois legally. I was wondering on time because on that last grow the one gsca didn’t finish until 13 weeks. A buddy had same issues. My plant at the time had be stressed but not my friends.

Another thing I noticed, I happen to know someone who started a gsca outside in 5 gallon bucket and promix with jacks at same time I started mine indoors. Those buds are 3x the size as indoor and just covered in sticky crystal. But the overall plant is about 1/3 the size of indoor

Yeah ya caught me just after my morning smoke…I’m in Illinois as well, limit of 5 and that’s how many gsc I just chopped! Doh!!!

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:rofl: :rofl: I thought you were in Illinois, but figured I’d let you think about it. That’s funny though :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :rofl:

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Lmao, thanks for “letting me think about it” there’s been so many meds floating around here the last few weeks it’s hard to remember where the hell I’m at or even how I got there!

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So final weight came in at 3/4lb or 12 zips… that’s about 2.5zips per plant. Not too bad not too great. Those are 1/4lb grove bags


Not too shabby at all. Im hoping for 3z/plant. 2 1/2 would be great!!