2nd grow with Berg’s Jack Herer Auto

Growing in soil, 1/3 FFOF and 2/3 FFHF in a 15 L pot.
Germination on 7/10, emerged from soil 7/21

No nutes yet, watered to 1st runoff today;
Ph- 5.5 PPM 3070/4300 EC - 6.2

About to move from germination lighting to full spectrum!

Here we grow!!
August 1

August 3


She’s looking great, just keep an eye on that PH. 5.5 seems very low for soil.

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For Fox Farm soils, that pH is low. You won’t need to add nutrients for 4 to 6 weeks above soil when its new soil.

What is your pH water going in is setting at?

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Consistently at 6.0 going in, should I bring it to 6.5 going in to get runoff at 6?

I would, you want PH closer to 6.5 in soil. You can also get some distilled water and do a slurry test if you want to be sure of what the soil PH is. What are you using for a PH meter?

Also keep in mind runoff can be kept minimal with FF soils early on unless you’re fixing a problem.

You don’t want to wash the good stuff out. Just enough to get some readings should be plenty for the first 4ish weeks. I’d water to 20% runoff once you start feeding after that period.

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I shoot for 6.5 pH going in for my FFOF soil top dressed with FFHF.


Thank you!! I’ll adjust the ph going in to correct, so glad I posted today. I thought going in was 6.0 and didn’t think she needed that much water each time and was a little surprised there was runoff but I went from about 1.5 cups to about a quarter of a gallon. Explains the slight wilting she has!

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I’ve got about 1/3 OF layered on the bottom and the top 2/3 is HF. Wasn’t sure if I should mix them or not since I’ve read OF is pretty hot for germination

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What you did is perfectly fine. I use 15 gallon fabric bags with 1.5 cubic feet of FFOF with about 6” of FFHF on top.

Still learning… looking for advice on femming, any help or recommendations appreciated!

@MrPeat @CygnusX1
So I watered to runoff for the second time today, for the past 11 days I’ve ran ph in at 6.5 and runoff earlier was 5.5 still… thoughts? guidance?
Also, ppm going in range from 140-180. My runoff today on a blue lab pen read “Or” which is over range (had to look that up on their website) is this something to be concerned about?

She has slight burning on a few leaves, pretty sure I had my light too close. Less than 10” from the canopy. Raised it to 17” Friday night. Otherwise seems/looks healthy

I don’t runoffs at all. Maybe they know.

@dbrn32, @Myfriendis410

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I don’t know where cutoff is for range of pen, but I would expect your soil to be pretty hot still. I agree keep your ph around 6.5 for now too. If things don’t start looking better you can probably run mini flush to bring ph up.


Fox Farms has had some issues with low PH of their medium. IMO I would keep an eye on it but not worry too much. The medium contains a fair amount of coco and peat which likely will allow nutrient uptake at the (slightly) lower PH. A high TDS is expected in soil but not an issue as soil tends to buffer the nutes differently.

From the pictures the plant looks happy and healthy.