2nd grow using I Love Growing Seeds!

![image|374x500](upload://iR image image evwvaHtr4vRDT1mb9LoJRIqAS.jpeg)

2nd grow , first grow added way to much chemical burnet the plants ! This year going 100% Bergman way!
Have 30 gallon pots , soil is mixed peat moss, bone,blood,fish meal, worm castings, perlite.

Using compost teas, also using silica, and flora nova 1/2 tsp per gallon every week.

Ph 6.0 using RO water then adding 1/2 tsp cal mag .
For Bugs I’m spraying Neem oil + soap, diatomaceous food grade. Sprinkle DE on the plants and ground.

I’m growing Master Kush, it was recommended, because it get so hot here in July & August!

Wht I like to know ?can I gas lantern these plants from June 21 to July 21 so they would flower later and be harvest a month later when it is totally cooled down?

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Our wht I think is the Bergman way.
Not to upset anyone!

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Big welcome to the forums!
They look FANTASTIC! Good job! Whatever way you’re growing them it looks like you’re doing what’s necessary, and that’s what needs to be done! Lazy doesn’t cut it!

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Thank u

You can try placing a big trash can over them to deprive them of light, early in the evening and removing in the am before it gets too hot.

What are u talking about? Trash can ? Why would I deprive the plants light? Could u please explain?
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Oops. I misread.
I thought you wanted them to flower early. Sorry. You wanted the opposite.

Thank you for checking my story out! Any and all input is welcomed!!

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Yes, you can gas lamp them.

Nice amount of plants

And nice bug!


Thank u AAA,

66 bug it is !belong to grandma who bought it off the lot all those years ago!
So hanging a cfl bulb over each plant would keep it in vegetive for 30 more days would work? I’m thinking I’ll run the bulbs a extra hour or two for 30 days then let it do it thing ?

Where are you located? I use https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/ to calculate when the stretch should start to occur.
Assuming that you won’t have enough light, as you have already researched the light hours, then the cfl plan will work.

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Welcome to the forum!

Damn, after 30 years of not owning a v dub I still got it! Great history on her.

Yeah, the Aux lighting will work.

Thank u for ur input!
I’m located in Bakersfield Californian, so I’ll will have a hour less light everyday from June 21 or summer equinox

Hello AAA,
Do you know of any drawbacks from using the aux light for 30 days?

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Thank u for the welcome

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None that I know off.

I have done it on many plants.

Indoor lights on 18/6, 5 am to 11 pm.

I wake up, bring the plants outside, unplug light.

Come home from work and bring inside plug in light. Timer takes care of off and on.

Hello AAA,

My plants have started to flower early.:open_mouth:
Was hoping you had some input ?

Please find attached photos,

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