2nd Grow Two Autos and a Bag Seed

Strain; Royal Queen Seeds EasyBud auto & Bag Seed I think is Green Crack

Soil in pots ProMix Organic Starter Mix

System type? Will be inn 5 gallon blacked out buckets. Right now two are in peat pots and 1 is in 3 gallon fabric pot

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? Just misting soil right now.

What is strength of nutrient mix? no nutes as of yet


Lights: right now two are under a 7w LED and the other is under a desk lamp fluorescent. Should I move them to my
5 100w cfl 5000k approximately 6 inches from top of plant. 18/6

Temps; Day 23-25c, Night 19-20c

Humidity; Day 80-85%, Night approx 40

Ventilation system; Yes, computer fans one intake one outtake

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, No

Co2; No

The seedling in the 3 gallon fabric pot is the Easybud Auto
In the peat pots the one on the left is Easybud Auto and the one on the right is Green Crack bag seed. Do they look stretched? All comments are appreciated. Advice? Should I start watering regularly every few days when soil is dry?

A bit stretched but likely due to light range otherwise looking healthy

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I would just move your current fluorescent light about 4- 6 inches away and the LED a little closer than it is now. That should slow down the stretching. I don’t think it is a good time to move to the big lights yet. They are still pretty young. I usually have 4 sets of leaves on a plant before I start with full light. The nice thing about CFL and LED is that they produce less heat than HPS/MH.

The heat from moving to that much CFL could burn them this early. If you do move them under the lights, I would keep the lights a little farther away and have a small fan moving the air around the plants. The plant should just be barely moving from the fan. That will help strengthen the stems and keep the effects from the heat to minimum. Maybe only use 2 or 3 of the bulbs instead of all of them.

Are you vegging with CFL or growing all the entire grow on CFL? I did a few times.

What size is your grow area? Hope you have a great grow ! Jerry

I’m using cfl’s for the entire grow. Each plant has its on space bucket to grow in.

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My new seedlings are taking off. Question: You stated do not feed until 6 nodes of true leaves. I know what nodes are but what are true leaves? Sugar leaves don’t count and the rest do? I have just been watering her about 250 ml of water every 5 days. Too much? All comments appreciated. Want to make this second grow better then the first. Thanks

Correct sugar leaves don’t count