2nd grow twins :)


looks like I have twins. Any thoughts?

Day 3 feminized amenesia haze


looks like twins to me!


Lucky you !!! @AMUSED2DEATH Seen this a few times now, can you just let them grow together @bob31?


@deb1 the last grow where i saw thwins, they advised to separate them but, those two are already too close together to take a chance with IMO


Yeah from memory and i could be wrong, everytime they have seperated them one has died


I say let them live!


:heavy_check_mark::+1: (no likes, so hard having limited number of likes because there is always so much useful information)


Not everyone @deb1 :wink::wink::wink::wink:

so far at least (fingers crossed) this was them three weeks ago maybe a month


Kooool, Thats awesome good job :heavy_check_mark:


Just put 'em in a 10 gallon pot and let 'em grow. It might be a complicated grow but would be fun to try. Was this one seed or two? If it was one seed, they should grow alike genetically and not be too bad to raise. Tag me if you get them going well.


That cool look is like twins
I will be watching this one need to see how this turns out hahaha
Happy growing @AMUSED2DEATH


They are from 1 seed and wat too close to seperate. I will let them grow and see what happens. Stay tuned :slight_smile:


The twins and their sisters at 8 days


Good looking crew!!!



Thanks they do look healthy and I hope to keeo them that way. Regrettably the cups contain thar same miracle grow soil. I purshases coast of maine organic for the transplant. I assume I would be nuts to transplant them now and get them out of the miracle grow. How soon is the earlist I can transplant?


I’d wait a bit longer until they get just a bit bigger.

They’re still a bit fragile!


Looking good the soil doesn’t seem to be bothering them so I would leave them be for now
I would wait till you have four sets of true leaves before you transplant them to ensure a good root system has been established at least that’s what I do
Happy growing :+1::v:️️:grin:CB


@bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971

hi everyone. the twins familly has been transplanted and seem very happy…I will post pics this weekend. I have a couple of questions. I now have coast of Maine organic soil. No nutrients except natural through wood bark and seaweed. I am at week 3. I have dyna grow and cal mag. when should i start adding?

when should i move them to led 1200 watt tent? they are very happy under 30 watt flouresent now.


Yes, @AMUSED2DEATH that would be great for the pics. I am not familiar with that soil, though I know we talked about it previously. Is it an enriched soil? Or is it just potting soil?

When you transplanted did the Miracle Grow soil go into the pot as well?

Keep us posted!


I would say once round leaves fall off your safe to put them into tent with 1200 watt light just keep light at a nice distance @Niala has a few good charts on distances that may help you out
I believe he posted them on the chart thread but maybe he’ll be willing to post again here
And you can start feeding them also at that time but you should look up ppm that plants need at different stages of life and try to feed close to those numbers
Just give less if your seeing signs of burn
Ff post there ppm on the feeding schedule see if you nute mfg has a feeding schedule that list ppm