2nd Grow, This time with half decent gear

Hey there. I’m starting this journal simply to see what happens.

I grew one plant last year. No training or topping. Sprouted in the sun and finished in a small box with GE 38 and Feit 19w blurple (both from Lowe’s). Got about 12 grams off the little Christmas tree.

This year I upgraded some things. I have a Vivosun 24x24x48 tent. I’m using a Bloomspect SL600. The plants are in Kellogs soil with no amendments. I have one indica mystery seed, and 3 sativa mystery seeds. I have been using small amounts of Alaska Fish Fertilizer to feed them and am going to get cal-mag for the next watering. I keep an eye on Temp and Humidity (average 70F and 60%). I am not currently PHing my water, only leaving it in bottles in the sun for a week before I use it. One fan pointing down on the lights, one fan angled at the bottom hitting the tops of the plant(s). The indica is about a month ahead of the others. I have started LST on the indica and plan on topping the sativas. Once they fill out the space, I have 2 of the GE 38s that I will use along side the SL600.

I’m sure I’m doing plenty wrong. If you want to shoot me some wisdom, I’m very open. Thanks yall.


Only thing I see is a little stretching to get to the light. Welcome to the Community.


I just put them under the SL600 about a week ago. Had the 2 GE 38s and the Feit at funny angles to get the best light for the Indica. All of a sudden the other seeds popped so I got some more light.

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Welcome to the forum!

It looks like you’re off to a great start, congrats! Here is a few things I picked up from your first post…

  1. Be careful leaving your water out in the sun that long. It’s probably unnecessary, and could start to grow bacteria and algae. If you are trying to off gas chlorine from municipal water, 24 hours is probably long enough and doesn’t necessarily need to be in direct sunlight Just give it a stir from time to time. If they use chloramine it won’t evaporate and will need another process.

  2. You will want to get a ph and tds tester as soon as reasonable. You can get by with the cheap tds tester on Amazon, but I would spend a little more on ph tester. These will help keep your plants looking healthy and growing well.

  3. Not super critical at the moment, but you will want to get proper air exchange going in your tent before long. Easiest way is to run an inline fan exhausting top of your tent and open one of the ports. Then build a light trap for open port at bottom. This will bring fresh air in bottom of tent to replenish co2 the plants consume, and remove the warm air from top. The more foliage in your tent the more important this will be, and your plants could stall out without it.

  4. Using led lights the ideal canopy temps are going to be around or slightly above 80f. Then do what you can with rh to try and keep vapor pressure deficit within reasonable range.


My comment is your tent and light are suited for flowering only one plant at a time. If all goes well you won’t have room in the tent for anything more then that.

Can you get away with flowering some outdoors?

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Thanks for letting me know, I was wondering how this might play out. No, I cant flower them outside. Not enough sun and some other issues. If the breeze blows me $500, I will invest it in a 4X2 setup. Until then, lets say I let the little girls grow until I’m ready to flower the Big lady. Will they stay small enough and flower and not crowd too much? Recommend anything to make it work?

strongly suggest you invest in HLG led light. small one is affordable and will make a MAJOR DIFFERENCE

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Grow one out and you can train, prune the others to be single colas plants. This is a clone but it makes no difference if it is from seed


That’s rad, and exactly what I was thinking. Thank you so much!

Big plant was like this when I woke up. I have not been overwatering. At least 3 days go by before I notice it needs water and today was day three. I thought maybe underwatering, but there is no brittleness. I have seen a couple things that say sudden light intensity could do this.

18 and 6 light schedule. Lights are 18" away. Cal mag this morning. Vents opened and fans on. Currently AVG. 70F and 40% hum.

These are the GE lights. Claim 32w and I have removed the lens covers.

The SL600 claims 85w. For my 2X2 that makes 37.25w per SQ FT. I am looking into these numbers ( I know they’re low…).

Perhaps I can add a 3X3 tent and an HLG Kit this July as a flower box.

Noob question here

Is big one just not centered and leaning towards the highest light intensity, or is something else going on?

looks like it is stapled down / LST


I had a bunch of clones and didn’t know what to do with them. I potted up 12 of them in 6" nursery pots and grew them in a 18x24" space as a SOG. As it turns out I could have vegged them a little longer and left a few more branches to grow out. It was a fun grow.

I will definitely do it again. Slightly different setup and maybe more plants. Have to see what comes up.

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Yeah, It’s LST. Twist ties through holes in the pot.

That’s beautiful. I’m hoping to do that same thing.

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So, I’m pretty sure I underwatered and had my lights too close and too high. I think maybe some N toxicity.
Raised the lights (20") and turned the sl600 to 75%.
Watered the Big Girl to a little run off to make sure the roots were wet and the nutes watered down some. Also put a small cup of water inside to help with RH.
She seems to be bouncing back fast. The Little ladies are doing fine, but we’ll see what curveballs they throw me later.

OK, I Did some things. New pots. More fans. And I got a PH kit.

LST is going well. Multiple top sites. Now I just need to give these things some time to grow.

I put a small clip-fan against the top port to facilitate air exchange. It seems to be working, but we’ll see.
Water is now PH 6-6.5
Using Cal-Mag and Alaska Fish Fert. every 2 or three watering’s.
Temp is 85F day 65F night.
RH 40%-65%

Any idea why these top sites are leaning over

Everybody’s growing and they all seem happy (enough). I wonder if the bushy girl is telling me something?

I would check her soil moisture. She is bigger and will drink more. That is where I would start. Pick her up and pick up another. If she is lighter than she is thirsty in my opinion.

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