2nd grow. Ready to harvest? And another issue

Does she look ready to harvest? Here I have two gorilla glue autos in a five gallon fabric pot. Two different phenotypes I think. The smaller one looks ready for flushing for harvest. If the one is ready, how can I flush and leave it alone while also still taking care of the other? Is that even possible… I did not anticipate this and it was a boneheaded move I know… thanks! Love this forum. image image image image

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Welcome to ILGM. :+1:
How long have they been on 12/12?
They don’t look quite ready for flushing yet. Either one.


@scoti333 welcome to the forum. from what i can see from your pic’s still alot of white pistils

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Looking good!!! Nice!!!

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Thanks guys, but there are two plants in one five gallon bucket. The smaller one has the cloudy tri-chomes and the bigger one has the white pistils on it and shorter one has all amber pistils and cloudy trichomes. image image image


Are the cloudy ones on the bud or sugar leaves? Leaves will turn sooner.

Forgot to tell you guys these are all auto flowers… if it makes a difference.

They’ve been on 18/6 their whole lives btw, the close up pics are from the shorter one that’s closer to being ready. So if I leave the shorter one to swell a little longer, how will I handle the other taller one once I start the final flush, etc
image image image !

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The shorter one’s trichomes. So you think I have a few more weeks left? image
The two overall. image

Cloudy ones are on the top of the bud in the photo