2nd grow outdoors down under

Not to long to go now on the home stretch🤟 Unknown bag seed from some smoke i got off a mate wich was apparently mango skunk, grown in organic soil/coco mix just finished feeding with ozi magic monsta bud maybe 2-4 weeks to go what do you guys recon?



Lookin good :+1:
Had any dramas growing outdoor in Oz? I also live in Australia, but grow indoors.
Good vibes and good luck :v:

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looking good!

Looks great. :ok_hand:t6:

nah Man not 1 problem this year outdoor where abouts in Aus are you? I’m NSW

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Sunny Queensland my friend, but I was born and bred in NW regional NSW.

Nice plants, I’m in SA.

What’s the outdoor like in SA my dude

Outdoor last year was pretty good, got 4 plants with about a pound all up.
This year it is indoor for me, just one plant.