2nd grow not from beginning


So I posted my first grow on here it all went real well till the light leaks caused my whole crop to seed out so I kinda just stopped posting on that well I had a second cycle start after that and well one started a lot sooner and I think it’s almost done it’s been going over 2 months honestly but idk he strain either so it could be a 12 weeks strain


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Can anyone tell me how much longer I should let her go I started to just feed water for now


Do you have a loupe or a endoscope? Thats really the only way to tell. By the looks of em they are getting close. Maybe 1-2 or 3 weeks??


That’s awesome so that means it’s a 12 week strain forsure Any body know of a possibility tof what it is being a 12 week strain , and I have a jewelers eye but I gotta find it


Sativa dominant most likely if it flowers 12 weeks


I’m with everyone else just the lighter side I say 2 weeks and done but I don’t care for much of a couch lock


Ya gotta find the loupe…it’s our savior!!


Tying to identify the strain??? I would take my chances at a needle in a haystack first. Lol. It could be a zillion different possibilities. I know they are late in flower but looks like ya got some ph issues possibly? Just a possibility. Do ya know what ph value is going in?


Good morning sweetie. Until you find your jewelers loupe please take a close up picture under natural light and post it. :slightly_smiling_face: From what I can see with my old eyes I “think” I’m seeing mostly cloudy Trichomes. But having said that, I believe a good close shot may prove me wrong :blush:
Good job with this grow and I’m happy that you figured out what went wrong on your last try. You got this :+1:


I second what everyone has already stated. The only thing to be certain is the flowering time, either sativa dominant, or indica dominant. Not much beyond that if it’s a mystery strain. @trippy_kidd



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They are looking very close to me, @Trippy_kidd, but I would need to look at them a bit closer for my old guy eye to be able tell for sure.


Still a lot of white pistils…


Looking good man! Few more weeks and it’s timber time :wink::v:


So it’s looking pretty solid I had it in the dark for about 24 hours and it’s getting foggy in the trices so I’m gonna cut it down rn