2nd grow lesson learned

Hi all, getting closer to the harvest prob next week. Working with 400w hps. While i understand the plant leaves go yellow during its final flower, I was torn about how the tips where drying but figured must be part of the process. Had the light at about 18inch from tops goodon the back of my hand. Finally touched some buds and realized they where drying. Raised the light immediately, in the last few days sticky is back like the buds furthest away. For beginners like me (fireman) my hand must not be as sensitive I have been baking my plants. :frowning: Corrected now and will still be a happy harvest. Getting a laser temp pointer. Also I have read alot of how folks drain overflow here is what i came up with in my basement to the floor drain. Thanks for the help all. Here are some pics before Harvest AK-47 x 3 plants.


Nice Brother :+1:

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Hey there @Maxchill glad you caught in time looking good :+1:
I like the handy work for your overflow problem looks like problem solved Nice
I solved my problem with water by purchasing a few washing machine overflow pans in white made 3 into one using silicone and flex seal type product rubber in a can also in white piped to a Ac / furnace condensate pump and piped pump to slop sink no more water on floor nice :blush:


All good things come to an end. :slight_smile: 3-6 days and to the jars with you. Sending the 400W HPS to storage, Have “Kind 450” on its way, going to sanitize and prep my room to pop some Cali Dreaming next week, 3 grow coming up, I love learning. Thank you all for making my second grow successful. If anyone has tried this plant please feel free to advise. Thankyou.