2nd grow journal 11/1/2021 / starts 5/1/22

@Beck ya, all my seeds are photos, but if i come up with some extra money , i might try some autos next summer🙃


When ilgm has the buy10get10free sale it’s a pretty good deal
Right now they have Durban poison and white widow autos for that deal.

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I owe so much to amazon for this year, im stuck for awhile :tired_face: lol :laughing: :sweat_smile: :upside_down_face:

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Well here goes my crazy self! I do love cloning lol… wish i had more tents & lights… i would keep mothers & babies lol. Heres 5 snowcaine clones from machine to 5 gallon pots & 1 northern light clone from a clone, then extras from the machine that i dont have room for… think these will go to friends homes

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Friend stopped by today to help me judge the outside girls, most are cloudy. 3 or 4 days, 1 i can chop some top colas ( test is i like it better at this point ) ill try to remember to label bags by how the tricombs looked, since most are all clones from blue dream… the mk ultras are not bulking up but they are cloudy. Northern lights is cloudy but tiny clear still… so sunday might be doing some chopping lol



Decarbed some blue dream with some gog

After, put it in the freezer for making feco soon i hope


This bag was 26 grams i think

Looks awesome! :green_heart:

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I store my dried stuff in a bag in a closet where temps r pretty stable. If I’m gonna wash the product I freeze it. Still reading how did the sous machine work out for ya.

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Hey do u do ig at all

Ive always used the sousvide, so i dont know any difference :upside_down_face:. I think it all turns out lol , always smells good , made cupcakes last week, 2 bites kicked my butt. I love making edibles :crazy_face: but i cant eat them lol… i do have IG , but i dont really use it. Lol , but im there with many others from here.

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Uggg ok, since getting this new phone, a lot of my accounts got messed up… for instance IG. Which always confused me anyway lol… so, i just made a new ig account, lost everyone i was following :upside_down_face: uggg… how do i find everyone again lol. @JaneQP can you maybe get me started lol

@MeEasy werent you Cyrus or something like that on ig

Of course!

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@JaneQP i think you are the only one i found just now lol…

I think i posted some pics on my new account, i think i made it private… lmao i have no clue how to get around on IG. Probably why i didnt use it lol :upside_down_face: :laughing: :joy: :person_shrugging: :sweat_smile: :rofl:

Anyone doing 8 photos in a 4x8 tent ? Or is that just way over crowding ? Because thats what ive gotten myself into :laughing: :rofl: :upside_down_face::crazy_face::grimacing::thinking:

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Yes but add " _meeasy " to it

I’ve done 9 in mine before you just have to switch to flower a little early … if I remember correctly I lost one because it was male, then I did it again but with autos they fit better

Found you request. Confirmed. Let the games begin!