2nd grow journal 11/1/2021 / starts 5/1/22

Lol, its wonderful lol im smoking my 1st blue dream harvest right now lol… so nice knowing exactly what it is & where it came from. Soooo cool… happy Saturday everyone


Cleaned out the fence line , thorn trees and such


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That’s awesome :star_struck: thanks for sharing!! Makes me realize the dream is near atleast :facepunch: enjoy your beautiful fire and weekend!! :facepunch:

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Well, its been an awful week. A new friend of ours, that we recently just started hanging out with. Lots in common, good down to earth, happy, easy going couple. Well fathers day night her husband 38 years old, decided to end it & hung himself in their garage. Just so unthinkable . No note , nothing. Funeral is this friday. Still just cant believe it, just doesnt seem real. Been a little distracted with all these sad feeling.

Found one of these on an outside plant, im assuming i dont want it on them lol

Babies use the patio set as their private jungle gym lol :laughing: everyday they give me new entertainment

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Someone wants a ride

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Inside girls should be ready sometime around the 4th i think, basically just getting plain water,they did get a tiny bit of the tea i made for the outside girls.

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Baby snowcaine is doing good, ill get a pic of her tomorrow… gonna be 86 tomorrow :crazy_face: loving it !!! Another pool day. !#!! Also kids in the cloning machine are about ready for soil, just not sure when I’ll make time for that. Next free day wont be til sunday

Wow brother that is sad , I’m sorry to hear about that and for your loss

The bug i believe is a lace wing which is one of the good guys, but I’m not :100: on it being one … just so happens a guy named @Lacewing is great at bug identification

The tent looks great :+1: from my view they’re looking close to the chop :evergreen_tree: :beers:

Edit = I think @Newt is another good bug guy, if not he might know others :thinking: who are


I am not well versed in bug identification. Sorry.

Thanks , I know there’s someone else good at it I was trying to remember and your name popped in my ol brain :brain: :laughing:

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@Lacewing is my go to bug guy…


Wow I’m so sorry to hear about your friend!! Same thing happened to my friend last year on Mother’s Day… definitely is tough sounds like right in my age range too… I mean I know life can be tough people, but reach out talk to someone or something if you can… I lost my dad to suicide when I was 17 and it’s definitely a difficult thing to go through in any way at any age… please feel free to reach out to me… just to talk or anything!! That goes for anyone also…

Those chickens definitely brightened my day right up though!! I want chickens so bad!! Specially fun ones life that :rofl::joy:

Getting close on that indoor!! :facepunch::facepunch:

Thank you for your kind thoughts @SnkeyezCobra @MeEasy

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@MeEasy well for now i havent found that bug on any of them, gonna be a wild ride with these outside girls… im definitely gonna have to figure out a support system for them pretty soon, im liking what @krismwright is doing with the pvc piping on his outside girls

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Update all are doing good. Got all 22 northern light clones in soil friday 6/24/22.

Baby snowcaine is coming right along with them.

Inside girl’s are just getting plain water… seems like their mothers had a ton more frosting by now.


Outside girls got a good watering with the hose ( camping filter attached to hose )