2nd grow journal 11/1/2021 / starts 5/1/22

@Graysin i found this

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But idk if its good or bad :laughing: :rofl: :joy:

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Me either. @JaneQP any ideas about that chlorine level report?

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Omg :astonished: :scream: :astonished: i just knocked over my baby & i cant find her anywhere :tired_face: :weary: :sob: :cry:

Uggg how upsetting, her sister is still in water, not sure if she will open, ugg only have 2 more seeds of this one… fingers crossed slow poke arrives

She was in the napkin with the baby, moved her to the shot glass when i put the baby in soil on the 11th

5/16/22. 16 days since flip sprayed with rosemary today

Lights are dimmed til they dry up

Right outside my window , how sweeet

Learning curve. Day 16 since flip…did a deep defol on clone blueberry #3. To see the differences between now and day 21 since flip. All getting finished tea today.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: they never go in the correct order hahaha

Do them one at a time… until the first stops … Write something …do another photo… just wait until they are 100% download before you start another :v: :sunglasses:


Thx for the tag @Graysin . Since it appears to be a chlorine based treatment system, I would suggest letting your water sit for 24-48 hours before using. I usually fill my gallon jugs with hot water since increased temperature will increase the volatilization of the chlorine gas.


You never just use your hose to water your gardens

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Lol i do let my water set, my question was… before i grew these cannabis plants, ive always just watered with my water, no filters, just outta the hose lol

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I do but it general comes out of a 6’ mister and I figure they better get with the program… Hot peppers don’t seem to mind.

I do use a catalytic carbon water filter for the girls but I store that water in 5gl buckets and it sets for at least 24 hrs.

I looked at your water report and it appears you have no chloramine and that is good and the chlorine is not way to high.

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Cool, i was just checking :laughing: :rofl: :joy: been having gardens for years lol ill spoil the girls and give em the rain water… we have the huge rain catcher, just need to figure out how to pump it thru the hose. Thats next on the next, next, next list :laughing: :rofl:.

Made this today for the cucumbers while hubby was at softball, he was very impressed lol. It was fun.

Then finished them off with a layer of straw, didnt get that pic lol

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My outdoor grow is mostly straight hose water. Sometimes I remember to put on the filter. LOL!


Lol. I did that today… going to meijer tomorrow :crazy_face: getting another motorhome filter ill just hook to the hose

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Thanks everyone :relaxed: been a great day! Night all :sleeping: see ya tomorrow