2nd Grow, it’s coming along!

I’m about three and a half weeks into flowering now. Just trimmed off about a gallon zip lock bag full of fan leaves. Had one errant cut and snipped off a good branch, but there’s plenty more. They all smell great, and are really packing it on now. Light schedule is now 13 off/ 11 on. They seem to respond well to that. Big deal now is just trying to keep them healthy for another 6 or 7 weeks. Been watering or feeding every three days, though now they appear to be wanting it a little less frequently.


Those look really nice - saw your note about RH in the post above. Really increase airflow, fresh air intake, and anything to keep the RH down. Fungi got to my last grow as I had to travel the last week of flower and it remained closed up the entire time. After it gets established - you will struggle to get rid of it for good as it is always present and ready to explode if it gets humid and hot enough in your tent without a lot of fresh air coming in. I also got a dehumidifier - which is nutz given I live in a really dry climate.

LOL just saw this was from a month ago - how did they turn out?