2nd grow ILGM white Widow

Let me first say that the folks at ILGM are great. I had serious problems with the first batch but Stacy at ILGM quickly sent out 10 more auto seeds!:+1:t4:

So I have a glass with about 2 inches of RO water, dropped in three seeds. At was approximately 5 pm, July 16,2016, EST.

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Sunday at 5 pm I will place all three in peat plugs inside of a seed starting tray.

The plan is to place the three seeds in Peat starters. After two weeks, I will place them in a larger “Jiffy” peat pot. I am trying to decide what type of soil medium to use. I plan to place these seedlings into 5 gallon smart pots. I was thinking of using coco coir but, even after searching the forums, I can’t decide. What I think I may do is get a couple of bags of Fox Farms soil, vermiculite and some peat. I will layer the the three products within the pots, mixing Fox Farms and vermiculite. Using about two thirds of the pot and have the peat on the top third. I am concerned about the mix being to “hot” so that’s why I am doing it this way.

Beginning week at the end of week two or the beginning of week three, I will start feeding at 1/4 strength with Fox Farm trio.

That’s the plan for the first 30 days! :smiley:

Do they look ready for soil or do they need more time in water? This was at 9 am 7/17/2016

Hiya, and welcome…I have never soaked the seeds in water for more than 20-24 hours…time for stage 2, imo.

I’ve waited until they crack open and send a white taproot out 0.25-0.50"; drop in soil w/ this root down. Wait for magic to occur. :smiley:

Hiya radamsonilgm…I always thought soaking in a glass of water was to to get just a little moisture through the seed husk to start growing? Too much moisture and no air can cause the root to drown before it cracks that shell?

That’s why I take the seeds out of water before 24 hours.

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Right, it won’t be 24 hours until 5pm EST

That sounds right; I then go to damp paper towel; Didn’t mean to imply keeping in water until taproot forms…

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Right now I am trying to get temps down to 68-72 degrees before I place in peat

75 degrees and 59% Relative humidity

I had the lid off, so now I am waiting to see if the temps go up any before I place the one that has opened in the peat

Another one has opened, so far two out of three

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All three seeds have popped, temp is at 73 degrees. They are in the peat !!!

Fingers crossed


9:00 pm temps holding steady, looking good!

Looks good. I just did 3 as well and had two pop, I put them in peat at about the same stage and no dice so far. :frowning: Yours will probably do better though.

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Well it’s Monday morning, 6:22am 7/18/2016

I think the slight rise in temps are due to A/C not running as much over night. But I have the tray right near the vent so when it does come on temps will drop. I hope this will not impact sprouting!

Monday 5pm temps steady, humidity as prescribed, fingers crossed