2nd grow- How can I produce bigger buds

So this is my second grow and not sure what I’m doing wrong. So this is my purple kush auto flower almost 8 weeks old and is growing in Ocean forest by fox farm. Light schedule is 18 on- 6 off. My question is, how do I get the buds bigger? How can I get the most from my plant? And after the first grow was harvested, dried and cured I realized it was not as potent as originally intended. I harvested when the pistles were brown, and tricomes were milky…I wish there was cultivating classes.


Proper nute levels, proper plant care, and a lot of light will do the trick.


Midwestguy has it exactly right. Research the fundamentals.
That said you also must realize that genetics plays a large part as well.
Just like many things in nature some get big and others stay small.
But give them the best environment and you will do fine.

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Is this 8 weeks of growth, or 8 weeks of flowering?

When they say 8 weeks in the description they mean 8 weeks of flowering. You have another 3-4 weeks of flowering yet to get bigger more potent buds.


Remember this. Your grow is sitting on a three-legged stool:

  1. Light
  2. Nutrient uptake
  3. Environment

If any leg of your stool is weak, you will have issues.


your plant looks good. i see a touch of what looks like nute burn. but everyone above is absolutely right. all about their environment. get that right and you get what the plant is capable of giving you for your given substrate. different substrates can have different effects.

For some of the autos they changed the description to total estimated grow times. Still deal conditions of course. They have Purple Kush at 10-14 weeks, so at 8 weeks, there’s still plenty time to fatten up.

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@WickedBunny The last piece of advice would be to grow Photos. You have total control on them and Autos do what they want, when they want.

You have plenty of time to fatten this girl up. Get a Jeweler Loupe off Amazon and no more guess work. :+1::+1::+1:


I see nothing wrong or lacking in those buds. Possibly a little LST to have a more even canopy would help. In the end, autos are basically go with the flow type of plant. Take it as it comes. There certainly are auto growers around here that have them dialed in start to finish. After a couple of tries with autos I switched to photos. Much more enjoyable and rewarding for me. That is not to say they are perfect. If you only want bigger buds, grow fewer of them. If a photo, veg them so they are older before flipping.

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Ok you want bigger buds u want to do alot of lst training and u want to lollipop ur ur plant and do some defoliation .when ur plant is young u want to do alot of lst training and be flowering stage u want to lollipop ur plant this helps with getting bigger buds u keep doin lst training into the second week of flower .in the second week of flower u want to defoliate ur plant to let more light in to the canopy to the bud sites .if u have a look on YouTube you will find videos there on how to do all this to ur plant what i mainly told u here is what u do to auto flowers and photoperiod plants but with photoperiod plants you can do some topping and mainlining ,super cropping and u can find videos on YouTube for all these things

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I totally agree with @MrPeat . Want big yield go photo. Can vegem 10 years if want. No timer. Also second grow so photo forgive more. I only do auto as a fillin while my photos veg. Keeps something harvesting every month.

They look good to me, just need a few more weeks. I think they’ll turn out nice as long as you give them enough time.

Try Photoperiod plants, organic supersoil so hot it sizzles and fish sh#t