2nd grow! Here we go ladies and gents!

Ok ladies and gents!! 2nd grow is on!

Here is my setup again:

Running same 4 qb120 v2’s(starting at half power for veg
I am starting in some black and gold seedling soil.
Still growing in 3X3 tent.

I am starting these in solo cups this time.
I will transplant into second and final home when solo cups are done.

Will be using FFOF again
Cal mag, tiger bloom and cha Ching again( unless I feel the need of more this time around)

Running a small dehumidifier and a radiator heater in the room my tent is in.

****** I will be going for more lst and a lot more trimming late in veg to allow for light! I now know what these ladies can take and I’m going to push them a lot more now that I am comfortable!*******


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I’m sure I have forgot multiple people, please feel free to tag people to join in



I am set to watching and am going to come along for the ride, that is if you don’t mind. Hoping for an awesome grow for you :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :v:

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It seems like yesterday when you were starting your first grow lol…man I hope your #2 sets records…Good luck blue :crossed_fingers::cowboy_hat_face::grin:


What you growing this time?

Ya man what’s the strain bluenuts? Left that part out. Seems like everyone is dropping beans left and right. I started some PTrain and Choc skunk last week. Anywho I got the trailer hooked up and set for an adventure.


Awesome! Set to watch :grimacing::+1:t2:

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Oh yea I guess I left that part out. Still blue haze! My last two of her then I’m going to maybe try a multipack of autos next


The haze are photos, are you going to try any cloning? Weren’t you building or improving a room too?

I haven’t decided on cloning yet. I tried twice last grow and failed miserably.

I also am not building anything . I have a tent I built last grow and still using that

I am in the mid-Willamette valley growing indoors. I am finishing up my 8th or 9th grow, started in January 2018.

Well shoot we are probably 4-5 hours from each other

I’m 20 miles from southern Oregon border

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Thanks for the tag, I’m set to watch :v::green_heart:

Well shoot again! Im not far from yall either maybe 1000 kms! That pretty close in Canada. OK maybe 1500km but that’s still pretty close.

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We have peekers! They are out and starting they are Starting their journey! I will post update pic once they are a bit bigger!

I just read a post where someone calls it up periscope…lol. Seedlings breaking the surface or SBS…
Journals starting out kinda slow Blue! LoL

I’ll always be slow haha ! Ain’t no shame

Ok ladies and gents 9 days from soil and I have to say I am extremely disappointed in this seedling soil

Here is a comparison from last grow day 8

Here is day 9 on new plants

They are no where near comparison

Also update: I am growing in a new tent, not my home made one. I also updated me ph meter as well to this:


What a trip blue… I tried a new seedling soil too instead of using my recycled soil like usual. Im at day 10 with about the same results EXCEPT for 1 out of 4.