2nd Grow, Grandaddy Purple, Blue Dream, Green Crack all together

Hi Guys,

It’s been a while. I started my second grow a few weeks back and though I’ll share some pics and welcome any input.

I’m growing 3 different strains in a 2x4 tent with LEDs. In the latter pics from left to right ILGM Green Crack, Blue Dream (my own cross), ILGM Grandaddy Purple.

I’m using FF ocean forest soil, and for nuts Dynapro Foliage (simple and cheap) supplemented with micro nutrients and Pro-Tek silicate for added strength and low humidity resistance (its like 15% in Boston, have humidifier anyways). I’m PHing everything to 5.3 using lemon juice only (Boston water pH is about 9 to start with). Water filtered with a PUR brand faucet filter, used right away. Temp is in the 70s and low 80s. Humidity around 50 but can oscillate quite a bit.

The Blue Dream is from a feminized seed I made myself. During my last grow of ILGM BD last year (it won a BOM contest), there was one plant out of 5 that had a different phenotype, thinner leaves, taller, massive stem, massive buds and also the best smoke taste (plant #4), is the one in the last pic of my last journal, it had the longest flowering time. Before I flower those plants I successfully cloned them all (again first time I did that). So after I harvest I took the clones and experimented with crossing two plants to make feminized seeds. The goal was trying to keep alive that amazing BD phenotype in BD #4. So I took BD #1 (winner or BOM last year) and crossed it with BD #4. I did some research online and figured a protocol for the silver thiosulfate method to induce pollen production on females (I’m a molecular biology PhD). I treated #1 to produce pollen and then polinized an untreated #4 as the target mother. This is not straightforward, is supposed to yield hundreds of seeds if it work right though. #1 made pollen balls but no visible pollen. I used a brush to transfer any potential pollen to #4 and crossed fingers. In the end #1 produced five feminized seeds !! Not a total failure, maybe it keeps that awesome genetics/phenotype.

Popped one seed no problem and used it for this grow. It definitely maintained the phenotype of #4 for the looks of the baby. It was growing amazingly, but for some reason this plant does something weird when you Top or Fim it, the new grow is with crumbled leaves, and lately curled down weird leaves. Overall still grows and somehow recovers, I don’t think is humidity or nuts problems, the other two look gorgeous in the same tent. Might be something hormonal. Anyways I still have more sister seeds to try in the future and clone the one that looks great if it shows.

I’m using only red Leds (flower) for this grow because the power supply of the blue channel on one light broke and don’t have much time to fix it
now, but I put an extra light for added lummens. There’s total about 300 real watts of res light. Doing good

Thanks !

Plants were started at different times, 1st GDP, then BD, then GC. That’s why GC is smaller now. BD was actually the biggest one, see last pics showing BD baby close up, and all three (BD on right side right before I FIM it and started acting weird, it looked gorgeous with fastest grow until I FIM it )


Looks good to me. My only comment would be the pH of 5.3 seems low for a soil based media, but looks like it has worked for you before. Good luck.

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I’m down for watching this grow. Best of luck :+1:t3:

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Girls are looking good, switched them to flower about a week ago

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Looking good, cant wait to see that GDP, I’m itching to try one myself.