2nd grow, Gog, Bk, Gl, and Ssh

Another question, is the water i collect from my dehumidifier considered RO water?

Is it ok to use pool PH up for my grow?

Its been a bit since I’ve updated, but everything is looking good. I’ve put up the scrog netting and began to lay my canopy down. I’m noticing areas that look like they will be low on growth so I’ve fimmed many growth tips to try and fill in those areas with main colas. I’ve uppotted most of my keepers and have left my mother plant (gold leaf, last seed) in a 1 gallon pot. I will be taking clones from her as soon as my clone king comes in. I also did notice one a my plant split down one of the sides and when I leaned her over she opened up and haven’t really closed but is still alive. The one plant that was really ugly and stressed, was defoliated up the the newest growth and let the dry up. Its finally starting to grow again. But doesn’t have many leaves right now just the growth tips which are really small.

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