2nd Grow-Girl Scout Cookie and Blue Dream

This is my 2nd season for growing indoor. The 1st was more successful than I expected with a yield of about 2oz per plant using 400W HPS…not too bad for a newbie.
I harvested 4 times before taking a break but my stash is running low and I’m back to work on the next attempt.
Beginning with 8 seeds, 6 GSC left over from the 1st grow and 2 BD that my wife got from a friend.
This time I want to focus on root development and better lighting to get a better yield.
For the lighting I’ll still be using 400W but with better reflection (mirrors?) and better training to get that light all the way down into the foliage. I already painted my basement walls with a good flat latex and it looks better down there.
I’ll be growing in soil using Foxfarm Ocean Forest (I like that stuff) and plan to transplant 3 times after rooting. Looking for suggestions on a good root booster and guidance on how to use it properly.
I decided not to try a SCROG because it’s too much trouble and I think I need more experience before attempting it.
Wish me luck.

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Mirrors are the least reflective thing you can use …use mykos for root stimulation

  • good luck
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Glass mirrors are very poor reflectors they tend to make hot spots and refract usable light rather than reflect it visible light and usable light aren’t quite the same to a plant. If you are talking about a reflective hood feel free but don’t go DIY with mirrors for reflector

For a inexpensive back wall, I recommend white paint.

Thanks for the input.
I’ve already painted the walls a flat white latex and I’ll replace the mirrors. There’s plenty of time to do it right because I just planted my seeds three days ago. (One GSC has already popped up) I’ll go back into the guides and study up on reflectors.
The past week has been spent prepping the basement, painting, scrubbing, pesticide, scrubbing again and sanitizing. Now I just have to install my new exhaust system because last years set up didn’t work so well.
I expect a good year because you people will be there to keep me straight…and it’s much appreciated.

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If you want a crazy root system , used Azos , Mykos , Mammoth P and microbial munch by advance nutrients line , it helps feed your microbial in the Fox Farm Ocean soil , but if you want crazy explosive roots , purchase these products , I’ll upload a photo of my root arsenal ?

With these products you will see explosive growth in your root system amazingly fast . I just transplanted these two plants last Tuesday I believe from a cup into this transparent 1 gallon bucket to see how good it works , but at the time I only had the Azos alone and just with the Azos here is a photo of the roots growing in the pot , wicked fast .


Upgrading, or adding another light would be the best thing you can do to increase your yield. I assume you have a reasonable size space with 8 plants, that’s only 50w per plant.

My 2cents on root nutes, nutrifields veg ignitor gives pretty explosive growth, as does Canna Rhizotonic. I’ve cut clones, put them in jiffys and fed them Rhizotonic and had roots growing out of the jiffy on the 4th day!

I have to start all over again and order some seeds. Had a mega disaster with my seedlings and lost them all.

Sorry for your loss.

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