2nd grow, First time RDWC, indoor

Hydroguard at day 24


Thank you all for the support!

The girls are growing and starting to see roots outside the net pot


Looking Good man!!

I think I’ll be up-potting my autos this week…
I’m getting good roots showing through the cups. Another few days and I should be good to go!

I kinda regret starting them but what’s done is done.
Too expensive to throw away! LOL!

Keep on strokin’ brother!!


Nicely done. I’d start reducing the water level of your res just a bit now. An inch or so :v: encourage those roots to reach.


I have no way to lower my water level any further without changing my build drastically

My only thought or potential solution would be to slightly raise the net pots out of the bucket, I would think a half inch to inch size spacer could be used



Could you create space without creating gaps for light to get in?

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I will have to check and see if I can make something solid enough for no light leaks that I can raise the net pot up with…

2 of the girls are looking really good, middle one still debating

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How big is the hole?
They have a lot of thick rubber toilet gaskets out there.
I don’t think the wax ring would work in the tent! LOL!
There’s also some pretty thick walled rubber pipe patches or clamps out there too.
I bet a plumbing supply place would have something that would work.
Then it’s just a matter of adhesive.

Girls are looking good!
The one girl looks a little stressed, but healthy otherwise. I’m sure she’ll straighten up and fly right soon enough.
A month from now that won’t even be a blip on the radar.

My little ones are chugging along in their Solo’s. The 2 NL’s are larger and have more visible roots than the Gorilla Glue, but she’s a nice green color and healthy for her size. I’m figuring that at the end of the week I’ll be going to the 3g bags. Might as well get them in their final pots with a fresh charge of nutes.
I’ve got to get a humidifier in there. My RH is seriously low for veg. Like in the 35-45% range. And temps running a little higher than I’d like. Spider Farmer makes decent enough lights, but their exhaust fans are pure crap! Yeah - there’s a TON of lights, but only running at half power!
The 12 in the 2x4 are doing AWESOME!! If I do say so myself. LOL!

But seriously, go to a good plumbing supply - you might find something at Lowes in the PVC pipe area I think they have the big rubber clamp pipe patch things. You’d pretty much be on your own there as the employees are literally ZERO help! But I’m willing to bet it’s gonna be easier than you think to find an acceptable solution.

Good Luck with your search!!
You got this man!! Look at what you’ve accomplished already! This is no problem!!



Just go and get a garden neeling pad from Walmart and cut it to size…
That’s what I use…
No media…
Just neoprene collars that fit into cups to hold up the plants…
In your case you would cut the collar out bigger than the hole in your lids by about an inch and than cut a center hole out of that for the net basket to sit inside of…
They are about an inch thick so I would cut out 2 for every plant…
Wish I could still share pics…
:v:t4: :sunglasses:

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Someone said if you clear your browser cache it’ll let you post pics again


I don’t know what that means… :man_facepalming:t4: :man_shrugging:t4:
I’ve never saved anything before on here…
Maybe I should try to log out and log back in…
Last time it did that to me it took like 8 months to get back on here…
I’m using a s 21 android phone…
If that helps…
When I click on the add pic button, the screen goes blank , like if the ilgm sight isn’t sure what I’m trying to do…
:v:t4: :sunglasses:

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If you clear your cache it will log you out. I guess I’d probably try to make sure you know your log in info before doing this then.

Step 1 - I’m assuming you use Google Chrome cuz that’s the default browser for most Android phones.

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

That should be it. Donezo.


Will see what I can do…
Thanks if it don’t work anyways …
Let’s see…
Fu:kin super medicated at the moment…
Might have to do this tomorrow…
Thank you tho…
Hopefully it works…
:v:t4: :sunglasses:
I don’t browse anything…
Just Here and u tube…
That’s it…
My browser on my phone don’t have anything… :thinking:
I’m pretty sure that i have turned stuff off on my phone…
I’m trying to be discreet as possible…
I believe I use duck duck go…
Or something like that for my info…

I think my phone changed it tho…
Will have to look…
:v:t4: :sunglasses:


Did you get that update last week or the week before?
I’m using a S21+ and the update totally screwed up how the phone does a lot of things when interacting with other devices. I wish I could roll it back or get rid of it completely but they kinda got you over a barrel. You pretty much HAVE to update because eventually it’ll do it for you anyway.
I don’t even come to the site from my phone - I’d never get my cell game play time in! LOL!
But when I got to snag pics from the phone to post up they really screwed up that procedure. And I’m using their DEX program they say you should use. Used to after the fist time you opened it the pics were visible through the computer until you disconnected and reconnected. Now every time you open the camera folder it takes forever because it has to reload EVERY pic again. And I got a lot of pics!
Ugg! first world problems!

@Syndrix yeah - a yoga mat or knee pad - damn! It’s so obvious now! LOL!
Hell, a giant flip flop! LOL!


I’m in a rush so short post

Got one sad one, common baby girl you can do it!


Let’s go baby girl u got this we are rooting 4 u 2 fill that tent up

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Okay I finally have time to respond now…

@Tylersays it is a 4inch net pot so the inside of the hole is about 3 and 3/4 inches
I am sure I can find something in home improvement store to accomplish this, I just need the time to get there and find something

The one girl better straighten up or this is going to be a 2 plant run lmao

One of the reasons I moved my grow to the spare bedroom is I could set up humidity and de humidity and actually maintain that room much easier than it’s previous location. I am hoping with winter time and the drop in humidity I don’t have to worry about it now.

I hope to automate humidity control and ph balancing in the future

@peachfuzz always has good ideas can you still not share pics? we need to try and get this fixed for you!

@Graysin good guide and helpful post

@SilvaBack203 you tell those girls!

Thanks everyone for hanging out and helping me along through this grow!
Hope everyone is doing well!


If she punks out go ahead and start another. You’re growing autos so the flip won’t be a concern since there is none, and if she finishes a little later than the others enjoy that week or 2 break in trimming before you have to dress her up!
That was my plan if my GG hadn’t pulled through - still is since I just moved them to the 3g bags yesterday! LOL!
The 2 NL plopped right out of the cups and into the hole, but the GG, because of the fall, wasn’t as tightly packed as I had lost some soil so she kinda fell apart when she came out of the cup. LOL!
I just peeked and she’s looking good this morning. Yay!!

You got it man!

You got the controller on your AC exhaust, right? That’s a good start on humidity control, but how are you gonna do Ph? I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen that! That would be the final step in a true “set it and forget it” system.

I am but a simple caveman, unfrozen in a world that frightens and confuses me. Your magical ways amaze me! LOL!
I’m not sure that’s a feature on my Lowe’s 5gal bucket! LOL!

RIP Phil! You are missed!

Happy Automating Everyone!!!


These girls look like they want some lst soon

Looking nice and short and bushy


Another quick post and question

Should I be root pruning?