2nd grow, First time RDWC, indoor

Your plugs are too moist and starting to damp off your plant’s.
Those plugs need to dry out more and let them roots search for the water…
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Well yesterday ended up being a bit crazy and these plants tap roots grew way faster than I expected which caused me to get my plants put into the system faster than I thought.

Long story short, my build is together, plants are in, still have some things to do but for the most part it seems operational.

I filled my system up yesterday, since I have the pipe the leaves my buckets and goes up to connect to my res, my rez and buckets will hold some water in each before they connect with each other.
buckets hold 16 gallons before it goes to res
res holds 9 gallons before it goes to buckets
so at 25 gallons the water starts to combine
another 7 gallons added to that causes my water level to come into contact with the bottom of the net pot
another 6 gallons took the water level from the bottom of the net pot to the middle ring of the net pot

I checked on my girls yesterday in their cubes and the tap root had already poked out of the bottom. I actually broke one :frowning:

As soon as I noticed this I decided to get them into their net pots and into the system, so I dechlorinated the system and then PH it to 5.8 and add hydroton to the net pot to just above the middle ring the added the cubs with seedling then more hydroton around it to hold it in place.

I made some temp cardboard to block light around them this is what they looked like this morning

After reading @peachfuzz post and looking at them this morning I think there is to much water in my system, I just pulled out 2 gallons, but maybe I should do another 4 to drop the water back to the bottom of the net pot, right now it look like the hole thing is getting wet which is more than it should I think


Once your root’s reach the edge of the basket you will need to drop water level 2 inches below net basket and keep your trunk dry… :+1:t4:
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Echoing Peachfuzz, gotta be well below the net pot to encourage the roots to grow down. You have enough aeration from the stones that you won’t have any issues with your plant roots getting down into the reservoir.

I leave a 1.5” gap while roots form and increase it to about 3” below the bottom of the pot as she grows. Gives more room and availability for those air roots to suck in oxygen in the gap between the pot and the water. :+1:

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Right now the water is almost up to the small ring almost the middle of the net pot

It seems the bubbles are even splashing up higher than that

Should I go ahead and drop the water level some now?

I was think yes but just to the bottom of the net pot. I think here the splashes will still wet the hydroton

But it seems you think I should go ahead and lower it to a couple inches below the net pot now?

Also should I be using hydrogaurd?

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I’d lower it to an inch below the net pot and see if water is still bubbling/splashing the bottom of the pot. If it is, then you’re just fine. I bet it will - my water splatters up quite high.

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Also yes on Hydroguard. Add it last, after everything else and the water has been PH’d.

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well i don’t have hydro guard yet so I just ordered some.

I did drop my water level so it is just below the net pots last night

This morning the outside of the net pots were still wet but it looks like the hydroton and cube at the top look a little more dry. so I dried off the outside edge of the net pots and put them back, mainly to see how wet they become again since the water is not in direct contact with them.

Having the net pots in the water before it looks like even though I cleaned the hrdotonbefore hand that they were still dirty as you can see some clay chucks in my water now.

I guess soon I need to swap out just tap water for some nuet solution
So far looking good though, water is staying around 65-67 f ph is 5.9 this mornig

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Still haven’t seen roots, pictures of them this morning


Well I hope my water level doesn’t need to be lower than about an inch or inch and a half lower than the bottom of the net pot. Because that is the lowest I can make the water level with how my build is done, hope it works out because otherwise I will have to cut off and replace how the buckets connect to the res and I don’t see that happening this grow.

Even with the water level and inch below the splashes from the bubbles still keep the hydroton and starter cube moist so it has me concerned.

My water is starting to get cloudy but it is just tap water, my hydrogaurd is supposed to be here tomorrow. So I will probably be pulling water out some time between tomorrow and this weekend and replacing with nutrient water.

The seedlings are stretching some, but I still have not seen roots in the net pot,

Fingers crossed


Well one of the girls doesn’t look as happy as the others. I think this is the one the tap root broke on, I am seeing new roots come out of the cube on this one though


Well my hydro guard is here,

@Graysin @peachfuzz
I wonder if I should completely empty and refill my system, or if I should just pull 5 gallons out and then add in 5 gallons of nutrient solution strong enough for the entire system?

doing jacks 321 and mkp

mkp says during flower cycle so I guess not yet lol

Jacks says per gallon

  1. 3 grams jacks 5-12-26
    2)1 gram epsom salt
    3)2 grams jacks calcium nitrate 15-0-0

So if my system is 25 gallons
75 grams jacks 5-12-26
25 grams of epsom salt
50 grams of calcium nitrate 15-0-0

Do each one step by step in 5 gallon bucket dissolve each, after the three, ph to 5.8 then add to the res and turn on wave maker for mixing, then add hydrogaurd to whole system, need to look up how much per gallon

If I do need to empty whole system would it be best to add nutrients and ph each 5 gallons going in? or just ph water fill system 20 gallons then add last 5 of concentrate?

Thanks for the guidance and help
Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!


Well I’ve decided to just remove 5 gallon and add 5 gallon concentrate. Pulling the water out of the system isn’t an option due to time anyways.


Sorry - been hammered with work. Just adding concentrated nutrients into the system is fine as long as you’ve got lots of aeration and recirculation from the water pump. :v: Always add hydroguard Last. After everything, even PH.


Sorry brother…
I don’t know anything about the Jack’s nutrients …
Hydrogard is 2 mill per gallon…
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Nothing to be sorry about either of you, you are both very helpfull!
Got everything put together, been testing water twice daily 1.9ec and 5.8ph,
now I just sit back and wait and watch
and yes I did 2ml per gallon of hydro guard at the end
now to maintain I will just add ph as needed to maintain 5.8 and when ec and water level start dropping I will add more nuet concentrate.

Thank you both for your help and guidance!


They are growing, two of them look like dark lines down the middle of the leaves…


Don’t worry so much… they will eventually grow like weeds…
Just keep basic nutrients available to them…
They will always come back stronger…
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@Syndrix They look good so far. Just keep doing what you’re doing and, they’ll take off and start growing very fast.