2nd grow, First time RDWC, indoor

Well seeds have just just been put in water.

New system holds water, had one very small leak upon filling, just needed to tighten a bulkhead a little.

Still need to connect water line from pump/chiller to first bucket looks like I’m going to use this and put a hole in the bucket near the top of the resting water line


*The weekend Dr. Science met Cheech and Chong! :rofl: :joy:

I’m sure i asked before but what are you growing this round?
Good vibes to the beans!!

Gonna be fun to watch!!

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Girl scout cookie extreme auto🤣

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Hmm… It makes more sense for the line coming out of the res to go through the lid… But then I can’t open it to add water…

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Well, I’m no expert. But I did pass out on the couch in the man cave last night…LOL!

Can you cut a notch or keyhole in the top and maybe find a small piece of butyl rubber to make like a flap to cover and prevent light leaks and limit evaporation?
They have it that’s pretty thick but it’s still very flexible.
They probably make like, S&M sex suits out of it or something. LOL!
You could probably use rubber cement to make a cinching sleeve like the ports in the tent.
Did you end up cutting through the tent?
I know at one point you mentioned thinking you might have to.

On a side note - I’m right there with you on this grow man - except for the RDWC thing, of course. LOL!
I couldn’t stand the 2x4 sitting there idle so I dropped 2 Northern Lights Autos and 1 Gorilla Glue auto this morning. WeedSeedExpress genetics. The NL were freebies for doing direct bank transfer, so they’re probably 5 years old :older_woman: :rofl: And I got the GG on a 5 for 5 deal.
I use wet paper towel in ziploc method and beans were dropped around 11 this morning. At last look all 3 had popped. NLs were cracked open and the tail was just visible. The GG had about a 1/16th of an inch worth of tail! That’s an eager bean!!
I’m gonna use 3gal bags with the Mother Earth Coco/Peat that I’m using on the clones with Jacks and Mammoth P. MKP for a couple of weeks when flowering starts in earnest. I’ll probably get a little mykos into the cup and the pot for that extra boost.
Gonna top at 5th or 6th node , spread them out for a bit and let them roll. I might even let one of the NL just go native and see what she do!
This will be interesting to compare grows side-by-side using different media, but you’re planning on using Jacks too, right? So that will be a common link. Wish I had some ILGM GSCE for a real comparison test.
That would have been very interesting,

Best of Luck to you man!!

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I harvested my Blueberry tonight and moved some stuff around so everyone can actually get some light. Which naturally meant I went ahead and dropped one of my Zkittlez - just one, I’ve learned my lesson with letting stuff veg too long (I’m very scared of what my Lemon Tree clone is about to do to my 4x4). Just gonna do the one ILGM Zkittlez and one RQS autoflower whenever it finally arrives. I’ll use the auto to cue me in for next wave of photo flips. :v: hopefully everyone is done in the 4x4 by then.


Oh good news @Graysin on my blueberry
I squeezed a bud last night and what remained on my sticky little fingers actually smelled of blueberry undertones
Once you get past the skunk smell

I think she’s finally “blossoming” so to speak


Can’t wait 4 my smell 2 develop more on mines


Well all three seeds now have a tail.

I guess I’m going to be sticking them tail down into these here shortly.

I then need to figure out how often I should be watering these things.

Probably just going to put them in their net pot with hydroton and set up a drip watering system to run a few times a day or something

My build had one really small really slow leak, so I have pulled it all back out of the tent and attempting to fix

Hopefully will be able to fill system with water and test again overnight


Let the fun begin.

Happy growing


Well no leaks now, yay!

Continuing build, got lids cut, got return water line set up, and holders for it. Stuffed my seeds down in those cube things.


Everything seems to be working now. Guess I need to drain and clean the entire system, get all these little plastic bits out from drilling stuff.

Then I guess I will start by just filling it with tap water


Getting close to having to figure out the power cables and this does sound like what I’m going to do.

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Decided to go ahead and drop holes all the way around on the lip for lst tie points during cleaning prices today.

Girls are starting to push seeds to the top of these cubes,

I guess I need to measure and get a rough idea of how many gallons of water my system holds when full.

Still need to hook up air stone system but holes are drilled for air line to pass through buckets.

I think I’m going to just fill it with tap water to start and then as I fill it up I can then add nuets.

Also need to decide if I’m going to manual water or automate drip until roots reach water in buckets.

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Ahhh…good! Movement from the seeds is promising!
Put my babies in Solo’s the other day and got sprouts and damn if I didn’t knock it off the shelf and it landed smack on the top of the cup soil dawn! YIKES!!
Quickly snatched it up and gently dug through the media and found a healthy root and undamaged little shoot! Whew! LOL!
Got up as much as I could and gently set her back in the cup and over-night she’s stood back up and grew up a little.
Dude - she was smack on her top from about a foot and a quarter up! Maybe a little more! LOL!

I’ve got to get the tent ready and get them in there this weekend.
And close to the ground! LOL!!

Dude - you got the set-up going! That’s for sure!!
You’ve probably had a blast building this thing! I sure hope it pays off and does what you want it to.
Might have to build me one if it works too well! LOL!
I just can;t wait to watch the girls once they get in there. It’s gonna be so much fun!!

Excellent thought on the LST points. I’ve got to pick up some binder clips since I’m using bags now. I couldn’t justify paying for grommets on the bag when clips are so cheap. Ultimately, I’m cheap too. LOL!

keep it up brother! We’re watching!!



Omg I bet your heart skipped a beat dropping that little girl like that. I can only imagine.

My girls are starting to get above ground level. I better finish this build today so I can get them under a light today or tomorrow. Probably going to start them off 24/7 light lol

If I can get the build finished today I’ll get them in their net pots and everything.


That one girl looks strange


Got my notch cut today for power cords. Cut the seal a little but I glued it back into place

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Dude - she was so tiny too! I swear that’s that saved her. She stood back up and is doing fine now.
And I hear you on the tent - hopefully getting it straight and getting the girls in there today.
My little fish tank LED strip can’t get the proper DLI for seedlings. It comes up a few points short and is probably contributing to stretch.
Plus these auto seed sprouts are smaller than I remember the photos being.
Been a while since I held a baby though. LOL!

Babies are looking good. That last one just has a little nut meat stuck to her it looks like. If it dries up you might have to spritz it lightly to soften it back up. The leaves should have enough strength to bust it off, if not take a toothpick or something and gently nudge it off.
She’ll be fine.

It’s all coming together and your production line will be up and running soon!! YAY!!
Can’t wait to watch them grow!!


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I forgot to answer you at some point and just remembered. I did not have to cut my tent, ended up just using vent holes.