2nd Grow - first time autos & 2 big bud fem


Update New Year’s Day and very very cold here… got worried for my girls with too many fans on so I’ll risk a little high humidity and turn few fans off, not near harvest so should be ok till this horrible weather breaks. My girls are growing good, no conversation & nothing to report, just want to purchase seeds and grow now… I’ll be taking a break from this site for awhile


you will be missed,enjoy!


Happy growing @bonnie1 good luck in our your ventures


Update: both amnesia haze photos are growing tall and fast, 3 wwa (one is ready soon)… germinated and planted 2 LSD photo, 2 Bubble Gum photos and 2 White Widow Autos… might start different topic soon… I’ll take pics of upcoming 3rd harvest when ready and begin fourth grow when ready…:grimacing::seedling::leaves::herb:


good to see you @bonnie1 tks for the update!


Hey @BIGE… how’s everything going? I gotta see your grow too, tag me once in awhile, like the pics… it’s very cold again after 12 inches just dumped on us today… my girls smell scrumptious but tonight going down to 15 below, it won’t hurt auto tent if I leave lights on will it? They’re on 18/6, the 12/12 tent should be ok for one night, even though tents inside after few days of 15 below this big house gets colder and when lights go off I worry…anyway I heard El Niño was coming :pray:


Update: minus 18 here in upstate New York this morning and I’m setting up my new electric heater from Amazon. Looks like a flat screen with lots of great features… solves all my problems for grow room… :grimacing:


sweet @bonnie1 got to keep those wheels turning!!


Update: harvested and cured one white widow auto…weight was 2.9 oz dry… this one was fimmed. I have another WWA hanging that looks much smaller and was not fimmed. Then I have another WWA almost ready, fimmed…just waiting for amber. My 2 amnesia haze photos look great and have another month or less. Now I have 2 LSD, 2 Bubble Gum, 1 WWA seedlings that I just transplanted into red solo cups. One WWA didn’t sprout so I have another waiting to sprout. Just an update for my journal. I’ll take pics of amnesia haze photos when they’re ready, they are very tall. My WWA smells fantastic, so sticky but dry enough to smoke… so good I want to eat it!! :joy::seedling: but would rather smoke :joy::joy:


awesome @bonnie1 thanks for the update,glad to hear from you!


@BIGE… just updating my journal… don’t want to bother you but find it hard to just enter info without tagging someone. Still love this website, it’s just not the same for me since my first grow… I appreciate your consistency and help and I’m sure I’ll need it in the future. I was on this website day and night and now… guess I got turned off, just not the same anymore :neutral_face: I’m basically growing and ordering seeds now


Hi @bonnie1

Can you explain what you mean by “it’s not the same anymore” I’m just curious what changed (I’m a short timer here). What was the experience that no longer is here? What happened? I understand if you would rather not elaborate. Your grow sounds really productive.



Your input is always welcomed if not looked forward to. Maybe a grow that would be more of a challenge for you. You have come a long way from your first grow. So let’s see what we can’t come up with for ya. What do ya think about that idea ?



@garrigan65… No thanks… I appreciate the offer but I’m fine with my grow… it’s very cold here and a new challenge right now is unwanted. I’m all set…