2nd Grow - first time autos & 2 big bud fem


Really… I never knew you could do that cause mine really get huge… I’ll maybe not veg as long with bigger photos then… :+1:


it is all about your preference @bonnie1…autos you cannot do that to,they do their own thing…lol


@BIGE… yeah I know cause my other tent has 3 autos, have a lot of wwa seeds and it’s helping me accomplish my perpetual grow, lookin forward to trying LSD, they grow short and bubble gum, I think grows tall… lookin forward to a new year and hopefully the US will get rid of T____P :pray::joy: thought I’d better change that, don’t want to get in trouble :joy:


You are talking about dry weight?


@M4ur… yes dry weight after hanging for week… Merry Christmas!!


Hmm :thinking: something it’s missing… How many plants are giving you this dry weight?


@M4ur… hmmm…:thinking: nope nothing’s missing, this is the only one that ever gave me that weight and the date of germination was 9/5… so 115 days… I was waiting for amber and achieved some red for the first time. This girl got fat, especially at end. My best yield so far. Not sure what you think is missing but… I wouldn’t exaggerate if that’s what you’re implying


I don’t think about that…
I’m just surprised, 200g from a autoflowering strain it’s amazing, how do do that?
I fimm my ak47 auto so many times and give me just 75g, after 120 days.
Now I need to get that!
Very very very good job :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


@M4ur… well it’s weird cause I’ve had one white widow auto that weighed over 100 grams and the buds were very big and dense… one bud weighed 8 grams, I thought was big… my 2 other white widow autos only gave me an ounce, was disappointed then comes along super skunk auto… short and fat, unbelievable how big the buds grew, didn’t fim, never looked underneath, just let it grow with full strength ff nutes and that’s what I got… if I get time I’ll take a pic of some of the buds out of jar, have great holiday :grimacing::+1::seedling::leaves: I’m gettin better at this, right now my amnesia haze is huge, happy growing


Oh yeah… Please, show me!
I was having a good opinion about my ak47 harvest, but now I’m very disappointed :disappointed_relieved:.
I need to do better… It’s decided :joy:


Ok I’ll do it in a bit after I feed my husband give me awhile :grimacing: just finished up errands, I better take pics before dark


@M4ur@Shuggz… hey shuggz, happy holidays!!! Sorry, I’ve been so busy hard to answer this month but hope your grow is going well… here are some pics that I took real quick, hope it’s what you wanted

@M4u, it’s Xmas eve so I won’t be on thread tonight…


The other pics didn’t come out for some reason but the buds are big and dense… I find the weight changes after curing but I’m very satisfied with this… Merry Christmas!


Biggg jars whit buds :drooling_face:
Merry Christmas to you and your family :family_man_woman_boy:


Thanks @M4ur… happy growing, I’ll keep you posted on my white widow auto yield, amnesia haze photos if you like… stay in touch, Merry Christmas Eve


Update for journal: now on my third or fourth grow, not sure :joy: I’m losing track… now I have 3 white widow autos and 2 amnesia haze photos that are lookin great and here’s a pic of big bud and super skunk auto (buds) super skunk still curing…


Very nice mrs bonnie…


Why thank you @Sirsmokes… I really think I’m getting the hang of this and just going to continue to grow and grow and grow… :grimacing:


awsome @bonnie1 i loved super skunk and i know you will too!


Thanks @BIGE… can’t wait to smoke it, not quite ready yet… waiting for LSD seeds, can’t wait to try, they’re shorter too… the super skunk auto really gave me a great yield very happy and always love big bud… hope you have a Happy New Year :grimacing::seedling::leaves::herb::cocktail: