2nd Grow - first time autos & 2 big bud fem


Yay!! Nice job. Enjoy the fruits of your labor! :+1::clap:


awesome @bonnie1,now waiting on the cure!! lolcongrats!!! :rocket::japanese_ogre::smiley::stars::sparkling_heart::upside_down_face::congratulations:


I’m a first time grower. And I’m needing help with what size buckets I use for my plants. IIm growing 5 plants to start off with. Don’t know if I use 5 or 3 gallon buckets. Please help


@BIGE@MattyBear… I’ll take a pic when all my jars are full :joy: right now I have 3 white widow autos and 2 amnesia haze photos growing really fast. At full strength nutes and they’re lookin fine… I’ll try to get a pic of this big bud before I harvest her. Next I’m growing LSD and Bubble Gum, can’t wait to try… @Vargas041204… as far as buckets are concerned I don’t know, are you growing inside? I grew six my first grow, I guess I’m on my third grow now :joy::+1:


Yes mam I’m growing inside some white widow. I’m just wondering what size buckets to use.


@Vargas041204 if your growing photoplant use 5-7 gal indoor if auto 3-5 gal indoors
I use five and three myself photo /auto
Tag me into you grow journal or thread if you have one
Nice job @bonnie1


@Vargas041204… for autos I use 3 gal bags and for photos I use 5 gal bags because of space… but the white widow autos thrive in a 3 gal bag and I got 2 oz from one plant and it was excellent. I bought 20 seeds on sale and have 14 left so I’ll be growing wwa on the side for awhile :joy:… good luck, happy growing :herb::seedling:


@WillyJ… hey you’ve got weed trees, wow they look fantastic! Wish I had your grow room, again I’m so jealous…Here’s a pic of another big bud, harvesting today, tried to get good light, it’s difficult. Now I have 3 wwa and amnesia haze photos (3rd grow) October dates, same journal…then next year I’ll start bubble gum and LSD… with ww autos (4th grow)…


woot woot look at that!!!
nice @bonnie1


Those are looking fantastic! Your in for some good meds :+1::+1:


Thanks @BIGE…I’m really getting better at growing and feel confident with nutes, fimming…next grow will be Bubble Gum & LSD photos and some white widow autos on the side. Right now I’m finishing up my amnesia haze seeds, have two girls lookin good and 3 wwa all dated October. Have a great holiday and new year :grimacing::evergreen_tree:


@WillyJ… yup filling my jars up now…:joy: I’m lovin it… you have a helluva crop goin, hope you have a great holiday season :grimacing:


Thank you @bonnie1 you also…enjoy!


Update for journal: very happy to say that my chubby little super skunk auto gave me over 200 grams… she’s been hanging for a week and I just cut her up into 2 large jars for curing. Big bud drying… very happy with my yields. However, too many plants in tent isn’t good and hinders the yield a lot so maybe 4 girls next time instead of 6 until summer when I have my big tent in garage available. I have a question @BIGE… I have 2 amnesia haze… one is dated 10/8 and one 10/27 can I put both on 12/12 even though one is a lot smaller? Will it still grow more?


i threw some northern lights clones in my bloom tent early out of necessity once…
worked out but i had a smaller harvest because of their size when they went in…
my answer; sure!! most plants double even triple during bloom… :smiley:
send a pic so we can see size…


@BIGE… ok here’s a pic…


ohh sure,mine were even smaller @bonnie1
just remember you will sacrifice some yeild but not bad…


some people just veg for a few weeks,keep them short.


Thanks @BIGE… I’ll flip switch tonight … have a wonderful holiday… we’re really getting dumped on here and I’m worried that we won’t make it to my mothers house cause of winter storm advisory with gusts of winds so we might get snowed in… be careful :+1::grimacing::evergreen_tree::leaves:


you be careful @bonnie1 merry christmas