2nd Grow - first time autos & 2 big bud fem


If I told you to pH to 6.8 then I apologize. If you look at the pH chart on the right side 6.8 locks out some of the lower nutrients. Some people like to vary their pH for max uptake, but I stick pretty close to 6.5.


Do you let your water sit out for 24 hours or so to allow for the chlorine to evaporate?

How old are the plants we are talking about. I see you only used FF trio nutrients once and at 1/4 strength. How long ago was this and how old are those plants?


They are probably getting a little hungry too!


@bob31… these are two smallest white widow autos just transplanted at 3 wks into 3 gal bags. Only gave one dose so far but starting nutes to next level next watering. I’ll get back to you later with pics but will be on phone for awhile, important call… so should I just change ph to 6.5 on all plants now? All my other plants are very healthy and doing great, thanks… I’ll take pics later promise :joy:


ph is a funny thing. Some are very tolerant of pH and some are not. I would change them all over to 6.5 at the next watering/ feeding @bonnie1 And don’t worry about me, I am in and out when I have time too!


@bob31… I know right… I already switched over this morning and I’ll keep it at 6.5… I’ll get a pic sometime today but too busy right now. Thanks for all your help and I’ll get back to you. Appreciate it :grimacing::seedling::herb::leaves:


@bob31… sorry I never took that pic :joy: been very busy week but all is good now and new growth is taking over. I fimmed this white widow auto and it has two new colas, it’s fine. Started stronger nutes and ph water at 6.5 everything lookin good… I’ll take pics this weekend for sure :joy:again thanks bob, I’ll get back to you


no worries @bonnie1 sounds good, glad to hear things are looking better!


Do you stop fimming her? I’m glad to hear that she is doing well.


@M4ur…well normally on photos I get 4 colas with fimming just once and with this auto I might’ve topped it instead of fimmed it if you know what I mean :joy:… then the ph went off a bit, so I’m leaving her alone. I have 2 more white widow autos just transplanted but not sure I’ll fim them, also have 2 amnesia haze photos, one I fimmed getting ready to do the other. I’m also waiting to harvest 2 big buds and 1 super skunk auto by Xmas :grimacing:very happy about that!!!


@bob31…tried to get a pic of yellow leaves but it’s hard to see the leaves now, doing well with lotta new growth…it’s the plant to the left in the back of the crowded tent, both tents are crowded :joy: the other pics are big bud and it’s almost ready, what do you think… there’s more amber on the big cola with milky trichomes but hard to see…


The tent looks great @bonnie1


@bob31… but what about the plants :joy:do you think that bud looks ready? The tent is too crowded and cramped, I’m waiting to get big bud to harvest… I’m thinkin it’s ready. Some lower ones are ready so I’ll leave the big cola for another week, maybe idk, that’s why I asked you… :grimacing::seedling:


I can’t tell from the pics. When did the Big Bud start flowering? @bonnie1

The seed shop says big bud needs 7-9 weeks of flowering on average.


@bob31… hard to get a good pic lately. Big Bud was germinated on 8/24 (dropped in water) flower started 2 months ago so not long now…figured round Xmas. It’s all good I’ve grown 5 big bud now, one of my favorites! Happy holidays bob, happy growing :grimacing::herb:


Merry Christmas! @bonnie1

It won’t be too much longer, that much is for sure!


@BIGE@WillyJ@M4ur… happy holidays everyone!!! Big bud not quite ready on top but started taking branches underneath that are full of amber. Leaves are getting yellow and drying up, almost ready… and super skunk auto coming up & ready in another week and another big bud will be ready at end of month…I am thoroughly enjoying my white widow autos and really got some wonderful big buds weighing 8 grams which I thought was great, I’m getting better each harvest is bigger, love it :joy: here’s a pic of big bud,


that is awesome @bonnie1 thanks for sharing…


Here’s another pic in the tent…


Very nice @bonnie1 you have a lot of white pistils still I think you should let it go longer they really bulk up towards the finish…I may be wrong but she looks like she needs more time see what the others think I would hate to see you miss out


@WillyJ… yes she needs more time but lower branches have more amber, weird but must’ve been the lighting. Still the amber doesn’t show up in my pics cause there’s more amber than you can see in pics but I know she needs more time, won’t be long now…thanks and happy holidays :grimacing:


Update for journal: I haven’t had time to take more pics each time I harvest and the lighting is bad so I have to carry it to different rooms to get good light, pain in the butt :joy:… anyway harvested big bud and she is perfect, 3 ounces wet so at least 2 dry and the buds are huge and perfect. Today I also cut down my super skunk auto and hung up the whole thing. It is short and fat and full of amber and some red, the buds swelled right up…111 days today, so she was ready. I have another big bud ready in few days, I’ll start trimming some branches from bottom tomorrow. All is going great for my perpetual grow :grimacing::+1::herb: