2nd Grow - first time autos & 2 big bud fem


awesome job @bonnie1,you are getting very good at growing dear!


@BIGE…thanks!! I used fox farm trio started slow & worked up to full dosage, gonna get photsenthesis plus next visit to hydro store. These buds were heavy and dense filled with white milky trichomes and amber. 48.5 grams in an ounce right? So 2 ounces or more per plant is good right? I’m getting better… just need that perpetual grow :+1:


28 grams per ounce @bonnie1, you have more than you think! 28.35, just googled it


So you will end whit 20% of your wet amount… Not exactly 20% but around there. So 100g wet will be around 20g…maybe more, I think the density of the buds is a good factor in this calculation.
Not bad if this is your first time growing marijuana. Good job👍


@Zombo@M4ur… this is my second grow but first time growing autos… so how much do I have? I get confused with weighing. Both white widow autos were trimmed but still on the stem and wet… very big buds and heavy (dense)… each came out to approx the same weight, this one being bigger and weighing more. I’m happy​:grimacing: my big bud photos and all the other girls are doing fantastic! Big Bud is growing wide and tall…:leaves::seedling::herb:


Your are ok whit that weigh… But not there yet :slight_smile:
My first auto grow (second time in my life) I manage to get 75g after I top/fimm her so many times (not recommended but I did very well). On my second ak47 auto I get only 35-40g, only half but very dense buds, and I fimm this plant just once and I’m sorry for that, next will be fimm/topped a lot of times.
Both of them take around 120days from sprout to harvest.


@bonnie1I take the total wet weight and × it by .20 and it’s been pretty close


@WillyJ… thanks I’ll do that!! :grimacing:


@M4ur… I didn’t fim or top but I need to. Was told only at a certain stage to fim with autos but I was too late. When did you fim and top??


I think that happens for the first time when both was 14-15 days old but the each plant is growing in the self way… Is better to do that when the plant have 3-4 sets of true leaves. And I personally start feeding a weak after the first top/fimm! :wink:
Hope this help.meatballs


@M4ur… yup it helps… I’ll fim my next 3 white widow autos just like photos. Was told autos were different but that’s the same way as photos… :+1::grimacing:


Not the same… I only grow ak47 auto… So this is only my experiment. You can do your own whit this 3 girls… 1st you will fimm just once, 2nd will be fimm/topped every time when a new top is growing ( first you have 1, after that 2-4, and after that the number will increase and stop when you see the preflowers), and the 3rd one leave it to grow freely.
I also use the LST technique from the day when them start growing new tops(1st fimm) and stop this when the stems are hardly to bend.
On my first auto grow I was using the scrog method because it was to dense. You can read about this 2 grows in my journal --<<Ak47 auto>>-- M4


I also find that the 3gal fabric pot is to small for auto, for my second ak47 auto was to small, the first one was growing in 5 gal pot and I really liked it.


@M4ur… my super skunk auto is in a 3 gal pot and is short & small. Wish I had more space in winter but will have an extra tent in spring and summer. I also like to LST and fim but not topping or pruning. I’ll try fimming a wwa, what could go wrong? My big buds were fimmed and growing outta control :joy::+1: I’ll take pic later…


latewood suggested not topping/fimming autos @bonnie1 light lst should not hurt though…i loved my super skunk,i hope yours turns out to be just as :fire:
and good morning too…


Like @BIGE said it’s not recommended but it’s your choice so if you want you can do a little experiment and see what is happening…but be prepared to lose in case something happens(low chances to lose the plant).
I think I posted in my grow journal something about top/fimm autos
Here it is… And up you will find the hole info and the opinions of the stuff.

Here is the plant who was fimmed a lot!

And here is that I only fimmed once


@BIGE… I just fimmed one white widow auto darn… I hope it doesn’t ruin it. I knew someone said not to do it. Hopefully she will be ok, idk :neutral_face: glad I have a lot of seedlings. My big buds are growing so wide and tall that the top is growing between the lights, they won’t go any higher. I’ve moved them around at each angle but now it’s very difficult to maneuver in the tent, here’s a pic…


ohh, lol i’ve done it no problems with good yeild @bonnie1.
i was just passing on the pro info that was given to me.
i’m like @M4ur i do what works and both ways work.
just a guidline
your gals look great by the way! :upside_down_face:


@M4ur… I had just fimmed it before I read this but I’m not too worried about it and thanks for the info, always welcomed and needed. Your girls look great and the multiple fimming definitely works for you. I’ll see what happens now and decide if I should continue or leave it alone. I only fim photos once or twice and leave them alone, they’ve been growing two or four extra colas… definitely can see a big difference in multiple fimming though, they look great! Thanks :+1:


@BIGE… but will they be ok growing between the light? Usually it’s on top of the cola…