2nd Grow - first time autos & 2 big bud fem


The AH smells unreal right now.


Very nice cola brotha


What are you feeding them @RookieReefer


@RookieReefer… oh yeah that blueberry looks scrumptious!! Nice treat too… I have another white widow auto dated 8/24 so I’m looking forward to a possible treat for thanksgiving but might wait the extra week or so, idk, cause I need the room. I’ve grown amnesia haze photos and really loved it, now I have 2 more AH photos… I’ll take pics of my autos when they’re ready without LEDs of course… I’ll have to try the nutes you used in the future… your grow is just fantastic :grimacing::+1:


Thanks man.
The autos were grown with the fox farm trio.
Used Azos/Mykos during transplant from starter to 3gal fabric pots and they just took off. They were also getting a weekly shot of photosynthesis plus.


Photosynthesis plus is good stuff! :+1::+1:


@RookieReefer… I’ll have to get some photosynthesis plus… I’ll check it out next time I buy more supplies. Maybe the local hydro store has it… looks like a great investment :+1:


I just can’t get over that bud structure


Journal update: girls lookin good… big buds are massive and taking over the tent. Been in flower since first wk of November… autos are getting a lot of milky trichomes but still waiting for amber… wondering if white widows turn amber at all… hence the name white widow… Here are some pics from today, hard to see how great they really look with LEDs… I just received my bubble gum seeds on 11/18, they were shipped on the 11th, great service from ILGM as usual… getting ready to flush one girl can’t wait any longer to transplant and get ready for next grow. This 3rd grow is based on actual length of grow time for autos (110 days) and of course photos take up to 4 months in which my big buds should be ready around Xmas…



Very nice @bonnie1 your doing great! :+1:


@WillyJ… thanks willyj I appreciate it… I had to take some branches from bottom of the oldest plant toward the back of tent, it is overcrowded & I need the room :joy: I’m still waiting for some amber, hope soon cause I have to transplant an amnesia haze any day now


Update: I’m embarrassed I took this girl early but you can see how tall she is… there are a sufficient amount of trichomes, and little gold but no amber, clearly needed 2 more weeks. But need my meds… I have another wwa just as big still in tent with ssa and bunch seedlings. Have to transplant amnesia haze into 5 gal bag and needed the room. You have to remember that I thought autos took 2 months, should’ve checked :frowning: Here’s a pic…


This all the same plant just different angles trying to show trichomes but they aren’t showing up and hopefully this will be decent quality before amber, idk :neutral_face:


@BIGE@Hogmaster@Countryboyjvd1971… this is a wwa I harvested few days ago… no amber but gold and very good, I likey it :joy:… the next one coming along and waiting for amber now. My weight when dried & trimmed but still on stem was… 94 grams (one white widow auto) so is that good?? Hard to tell exact weight cause I took some :joy:… the pic is above :joy: but I’ll have another pic in a week or two of a wwa ready for harvest with some amber hopefully


@WillyJ@BIGE@Shuggz@RookieReefer@Hogmaster… anyone else I forget…harvested 2 more white widow autos but hard to get good pic. Got more than an ounce on each, maybe two. Trimmed but wet weight 100 grams, approx. The leaves started to turn yellow and die so I harvested this just now but the lighting is bad. Got lots of white milky trichomes and amber but it’s hard to see… I’m happy with it but I prefer photos…:grimacing::seedling::leaves::herb:


They look absolutely amazing @bonnie1 great job you will love itv


Nice job…:+1:
Now you have to be patient while they dry and cure… longest days of my life.


@Hogmaster… thanks Hogmaster, I love it all… :grimacing::+1::leaves::seedling::herb: the next is super skunk auto which is short and chubby, I’ve been giving her even more love, she’ll be ready in 2wks or sooner, never can tell with the autos!


@RookieReefer:joy:you’re right it’s the hardest part :joy: but they really do need 7 days to dry and into the jars and so on… my amnesia haze, big bud & chocolade photos from first grow we’re fantastic, cured properly and smoked wonderful. Don’t worry I’ll wait cause it’s worth it​:laughing:


Real nice job! @bonnie1