2nd Grow - first time autos & 2 big bud fem


@Countryboyjvd1971… just tips on one big bud, no other yellow leaves at all, surprising! But I moved the lights up and everything is ok. You realize that it’s not me complaining about seeds right? I have no problems with seeds…and all my seeds have been perfect and so is the quality… I said right away to new growers after I tasted my grow, that this was better than anything I’d had in a very long time and I grew it!!! With all your help at ILGM. I can’t be connected to this anymore, it’s causing me anxiety(the seed thing):joy:… ok cause I just wanna grow and purchase all the seeds I want. I’m only following the experts advice on growing. I welcome all the opinions and suggestions but not following that, if you know what I mean… :joy::+1:


@bonnie1 yes dear i do lol
And i was just pointing out they do garrentee the seeds as long as procedures are followed
All food wasn’t getting on anyone
We all have the right to our feelings and can express them as long as it done tastefully :+1:
Glad it was just tips no worries :wink:
Happy growing :v:️CB :cowboy_hat_face:


@Countryboyjvd1971… all good, no worries. What I really meant to say is “there is no 100% guarantee in life,” I read that somewhere… :joy:


Well i cant argue there lol @bonnie1


Lol there are no controversial situations nothing to worry about @bonnie1 I miss tagged you lol I was super high. I apologize. I will leave this thread now if you must


@AmnesiaHaze… I know :joy::joy:… I love amnesia haze, getting ready to transplant one now!! No worries here… happy growing :grimacing::seedling:


@bonnie1…I know you grow much more than I do! You asked about WW and if they turn amber and I gave you the answer that yes they do. However, I do understand that you need the room for your other girls and you got to do what you got to do. Looking forward to seeing pics!


@Countryboyjvd1971 Yes I know that now that how to send the un-germinated seeds back is in the emails you receive when you order the seeds. I did not know that! I looked all over this web-site to find out how to send back seeds that would not germinate and couldn’t find anything. Since then, I was told its in the emails! But that was after I threw out the seeds. I know now!


@Kapelady… no worries :wink: the other girls are doing fantastic and getting lots of trichomes but no amber yet… it’ll come. Tomorrow I have to transplant seedlings and will take pics… they’re lookin pretty good now! One is dated 9/18 so they have time yet :grimacing::+1:


@BIGE @Hogmaster @Kapelady @Countryboyjvd1971 @bryan @Sirsmokes @RookieReefer… anyone else I missed… here are some pics taken today of 2 big bud photos on 12/12 and 2 white widow autos and 1 super skunk auto (which is stocky&bushy) I’ll take separate pic… and lotta little ones…


Pics didn’t come out in the order I predicted so lotta little ones… 3 white widow autos and 2 amnesia haze photos…next are white widow autos, super skunk auto not in pic and hard to see all the buds but they are there and lookin real good… then 2 big bud photos that are bigger than they appear…on 12/12 for a week now… :grimacing::leaves:


looks like a great start, keep it up.


@bryan… actually some will be ready in less than a month :joy: but thanks


@bonnie1…all looking great Bonnie!


I like the scrog setup in the small tent - max your yield per sq ft for sure. And those babies are coming along nicely.


@RookieReefer… hey, thanks… the 2 big buds are going to fill this big tent (Vivosun 48x48x72)and small tent has too many autos :joy: with my babies coming right up behind them… both have nets but I clearly need my other tent which is even bigger but out in the garage and too cold in winter. Just trying to accomplish my perpetual grow. The autos really do look great and the buds forming colas on each, just waiting for amber…:grimacing::leaves: the wwa quality is great and everything everyone said it would be :+1:


I took @WillyJ and @dbrn32 advice and let my last two autos go for a few more days - but I think they are just about ready. The buds really swelled up the last few days…

Amnesia Haze auto

Blueberry auto

Good luck with your perpetual grow. I’m try to do the same but it is tough with both timing and space.



@RookieReefer… oh my gosh!!! I can’t believe the size of those colas… and they are autos! I’m flabbergasted :open_mouth: just gorgeous. I don’t think you’re a rookie :joy::joy:… so, how old are those autos now?? They really are beautiful. How long did they take? Need to know…


Those two are at day 98 today…
Planted 08/08.

The blueberry is gonna be a nice Thanksgiving treat.


@RookieReefer - nice! I’m growing Amnesia Haze too…nice to see yours are doing very well!