2nd Grow - first time autos & 2 big bud fem


Hey @bonnie1,

no worries, our customer support will help you further along with your payment and should be able to resolve the date issue.

All the best!



@ILGM.Support.Roy… oh my gosh Roy!!! Thank you so much :blush: I really screwed this one up… my exp date and I put in as a new customer but I’m not. All my orders have gone right through and expedited by ILGM immediately, so I knew something was wrong when I didn’t get a ship date right away. Thanks again for all your help in this matter, really appreciate it. :+1::grimacing:


@Kapelady… hey… did your buds on white widow autos turn amber your last two grows? I have a lot of white trichomes on one and it looks ready but the buds are yellow…


@Kapelady I have seeds from last year and I keep them in a case with silica packets and they stay dry and you can sprout them whenever you want! They last for years in storage!


@AmnesiaHaze …yes if stored properly! However, I wouldn’t take the chance past 6 months as that is what I read right on this web site! Never thought of using those bags…but I have mine in rice and will add those bags tomorrow for sure!


@Kapelady well let’s be the devils advocate and I’ll try to germ one just for you! Let’s see my last order was about october of last year.

I have here a WWA

I will post this and tag you in another journal


@AmnesiaHaze@Kapelady… you guys what’s goin on…:joy::joy:Lmao​:joy::seedling::seedling::joy::seedling: seeds do last cause I just germinated 2 big bud & 2 amnesia haze from 8 months ago but nothing’s 100% new or old… hope everybody voted :grimacing::+1: happy growing!


@bonnie1… update for journal: I need my medicine so I’ve decided to take the best looking white widow auto. This wwa was germinated on 8/24 and has a lot of white trichomes but pistils are yellow. I have five other girls waiting for the space in this tent cause my big bud photos are on 12/12… so right now I move them back & forth before the 8:00 pm light shutdown and it is a pain in the butt :joy:… my 2 big bud photos are taking up this whole tent, and I love it… I have one amnesia haze photo ready to transplant into it’s 5 gal home. Last grow I only used 3 gal bags, so I’m hoping for a bigger yield on amnesia haze this grow and have an amnesia haze photo seedling ready to put in a solo cup. Hopefully the beginning of a perpetual grow. Now that I know autos take 90 to 110 days (not 2 months) I’ll plan accordingly for next grow. I wonder if auto pistils turn amber. I’ll soon find out, I have 3 more autos that should all be ready on 12/8 for harvesting and I’m waiting only 90 to 110 days if possible depending on my photos. They’ve been germinated to fit a 2 month grow and I should’ve double checked that information, my bad :hugs::joy::seedling::v:️… also have 3 wwa seedlings :joy::joy:… already have 3 chocolade photos for next grow and just ordered bubble gum photos (waiting for delivery), very excitied and I’m anxious to see some big buds & colas on my big buds they were both fimmed. :+1::grimacing: unfortunately I’m coming down with a sinus head & throat infection & feel crappy :face_with_thermometer:


hopefully it will pass soon @bonnie1,don’t have time for being sick! lol
you need a shed!


@BIGE… I am taking one wwa, I know I shouldn’t but I really grew these thinking they only took 2 months so I’m running into trouble with the 12/12 photos and new seedlings etc. not to mention… I need it :joy: I’ll take a pic later of the one I’m taking and big buds progress (love big bud) love it all really… much better quality than anything I’ve had in a very long time. I must say I’m very impressed with ILGM website and feminized seeds. The help I’ve received is phenomenal and have not one complaint… and I appreciate all your advice and help :+1:


@bonnie1… journal update: took wwa, lots milky trichomes. Needed space and weed. I’ll weigh later. Working on hanging 3 clip fans and transplanting. Update later with pics…


@BIGE… you got that right! :joy: a shed and my big tent in garage. So darn cold here already or I would be using my big tent too!


@bonnie1 & @AmnesiaHaze - That’s my point …there is no guarantee and I lost quite a few seeds from my first buy on here…what was it at least 4 or 6 seeds. I had to order more seeds because the ones I had did not germinate. I’m just saying be careful don’t buy too many and store them well!


@bonnie1…Yes that cold front is making its way down to the Cape tomorrow! I’ve been busy putting up plastic on all my windows. I only have one slider left to do and then I’m done. I hate winter…hate it!


@bonnie1…I hope you post pics!


@bonnie1…oh yes they turned amber and it was after they turned color that I harvested them. You need to wait until you see that champagne amber before you harvest!


@Kapelady… I really do know what to do… I’ve harvested 6 plants very successfully. I fimmed and did LST and my first harvest were all photos & I had very large colas, dark amber and medium amber cause I wanted different strengths and the curing is very important to achieve that smooth long lasting smoke. I did post pics at that time but I don’t think you saw them cause of that trouble. I took this plant early on purpose. I have too many cause they do take longer than 2 months and I planned everything according to that info. Plus I want it now… I’ll post pics this weekend when I get time, I have a wake and funeral to attend. My super skunk auto smells fantastic and is shorter/bushier than white widow autos. I lost some of those seeds cause I was germinating in soil and it didn’t work. Once I started dropping in water and sitting right in tent under LEDs, every single one germinated. It’s usually cause something was done wrong. All my seeds have germinated since you told me to do that. I knew people did it that way but didn’t know about the tail like you said. But don’t worry about me buying too many seeds or storage, I’m growing more than you and these seeds are fantastic, I can’t wait for those bubble gum photos, I have enough autos (14 white widow) and believe me you’ll see some great pics!!!


@bonnie1 Congrats on the early harvest. At least it was on purpose! I did miss tag you! I apologize I must of been super high or didn’t have my glasses on


@AmnesiaHaze… I think you’re getting me mixed up with @Kapelady, not sure I am getting confused and this is my thread not Kapelady’s… I harvested a plant early because I wanted to. I don’t have an issue with seeds. I value my membership with ILGM & don’t want to be involved in any controversies. :v:


@Kapelady sorry to disagree with you but they absolutely have a germination guarantee as long as you follow Roberts germination guide lines
If you do so and they dont germinate you should have contacted support on the issue not sure how long ago this was but if you send them a email they still may help tou as long as you have the order number
As far as storing seeds if done properly you can keep seeds for years with out issue
I have seeds that are several years old i would germinate tomorrow
For extended storage
You can place seeds in a vacuum seal bag vac and seal and olace in fridge for years
Never put them in Freezer this will kill off the seeds
@bonnie1 last set of pictures look great
The yellow leaves tou had a issue with where they low or under canopy
Those will yellow and die off due to lack light
And the yellow tips I wouldn’t streess over to much
But i would still watch